Bet on France to Win the Davis Cup 2018

Bet on France to Win the Davis Cup 2018

After walking through the competition, the end of the tournament seems just too easy for yet another French Success. The current champions of the Davis Cup have everything to play for, and, with Bet365 Sportsbook offering favourable odds, there is every reason to bet on France to win the Davis Cup 2018.

France, Spain, Croatia and the USA have made it to the semi finals of the 2018 Davis Cup and the competition is heating up for all the players. France however, are all set to take the competition trophy home for an eleventh time.

The French allure

Rafael Nadal

Not a single opponent has yet managed to win a second match over France this year as they play their way through the competition furthermore ranking top on the seeds. As long as they manage a victory over Spain, France will be victors of the entire competition.

The same old nemesis

Whilst France boasts five more tournament titles than Spain, the Spanish team does include a not so secret weapon: Rafael Nadal. But by no sporting measure does this mean all is lost. The two countries face each other only days after the US Open; a Grand Slam that Nadal will exhaust himself to win. Aside from Nadal, the last time the two teams played on French soil, France obliterated the Spanish force five nil.

The Croatian contingent

The USA have never beaten Croatia in the Davis Cup the four times they have played, the most recent face off being in 2016. Online sportsbooks in France are predicting Croatia to uphold this tradition for a fifth win. Croatia have only won the entire tournament once however, and especially when reviewing their odds to win, it is unlikely this year will give them a second tournament title.

Bet on France to win the Davis Cup 2018

It seems there is no stopping France, and with every advantage they could dream for, it would be madness for them to throw the Davis Cup 2018 away. Bet365 Sportsbook are giving away odds of 3.25 when you bet on France to win the Davis Cup 2018.

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