Bet on the Golovkin vs Alvarez Rematch to Allow GGG to Take Revenge

More and more boxing fans are betting on the Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez rematch. The contenders’ original fight also attracted a high number of gamblers but the results of that bout proved to be highly controversial. When the rematch was finally confirmed, fans have started swarming to online sportsbook sites in Kazakhstan.

Golovkin vs Alvarez

The high level of interest is not surprising. Gambling enthusiasts betting on the Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez rematch are helped by what they have seen in the previous fight. With that in mind, predicting the fight is not hard at all.

Golovkin was clearly better in their last fight

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin was robbed of a victory last year. The Kazakhstani middleweight champion put enormous pressure on his opponent, successfully forcing him to play his game. The pressure took its toll on Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, who seemed tired, especially after the eighth round. While both fighters landed huge blows and displayed extraordinary endurance, Golovkin was more dominant and managed to set the pace.

That performance should have earned him a narrow win. That is what judge Dave Moretti’s scorecard reflected: 115-113 in favor of Golovkin. The 114-114 draw that Don Trella gave was justifiable even if most fans in the arena felt that GGG deserved a win. However, Adalaide Byrd’s 118-110 in favor of Alvarez was completely unfair and received boos from the audience in the stadium and fierce criticism from commentators in sports media.

Bad blood giving Golovkin additional motivation

The rematch was going to take place in May but had to be rescheduled for September 15 after Alvarez tested positive for clanbuterol, a forbidden substance. Alvarez claims it must have gotten into his system from eating tainted meat.

Golovkin does not believe him and has mocked his opponent, saying he can see where Alvarez injected PEDs into his arm. As notes, exchanging insults is unusual behavior for Golovkin, who seems to be getting increasingly frustrated over being robbed of a victory and the subsequent postponing of the rematch. Having that extra drive will surely be of help to him if he is aiming to get a knockout this time to prevent another biased decision from the judges.

The best bets on the Golovkin vs Alvarez rematch

Golovkin has a formidable knockout to win ratio (87%). So, even though his original fight with Alvarez went the distance, a K.O. in the rematch cannot be ruled out. At Vbet Sportsbook, the odds are 1.47 for the encounter lasting 12 rounds and 2.50 for it ending prematurely. The latter option is a great value bet as Golovkin’s chances of getting a stoppage win are realistic.

For those who prefer a safer but still profitable choice, online betting sites in Kazakhstan (and elsewhere, for that matter) all agree that Golovkin will manage to take revenge for that controversial draw. Placing money on his victory is safe and will earn an increase of 1.52 (compare those odds to Alvarez’s 2.43).

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