Bet on the Irexit Party’s Seats in 2019 European Elections

A new political party in Ireland (Irexit Freedom) has been officially launched in September. The party plans to run candidates in the next Dail and European elections. Although they represent a minority of Irish citizens, you can bet on the Irexit Party to win seats in 2019 European Elections.

Bet on The Irexit Party
350 people attended the first Irexit Party conference in September

According to online sportsbook news in Ireland, the UK decision to leave the EU has inspired people in other countries including Ireland. More than 10% of Irish citizens agree to leave the EU.

As the only eurosceptic party in Ireland, Irexit Party will try to appeal to those voters. Should the Party succeed in bringing enough support, you can bet on the Irexit Party to win seats in European Elections May 2019.

11% of Irish People to vote for Irexit Party

Ireland has currently 11 MEPs and the number might increase to 13 after Brexit. The overwhelming majority of people in Ireland think the country should remain in the EU. On the other hand, 11% of Irish people want their country to leave the bloc.

The majority of people will certainly choose the Republic’s established parties that support the EU, when they vote in 2019 European elections. Yet the minority that wants to leave will have no other option than voting for the Irexit Party. If Irexit Party secures the support from the Eurosceptics, it will certainly win a seat in the European Parliament.

The Spokesman Kelly Spent a Decade in Brussels

Irexit Party Spokesman Hermann Kelly, 50, is originally from the Bogside in Londonderry. He has spent the last decade working in the European Parliament and promoting the message of the Eurosceptic movement.

Image result for irexitHis current job is the Director of Communications for the eurosceptic group, EFDD, in Brussels. The group has 40 MEPs of seven different nationalities, including Ukip and the Italian Five Star movement.

According to online sportsbook news in Ireland, Hermann Kelly is not only an expert in eurosceptic politics in Brussels he is also a close ally to Nigel Farage. He even helped the former UKIP leader to secure a leave in the UK referendum. His experience will certainly help betting on Irexit Party to win seats in the European Elections.

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