Bet on the Irish Border to be reintroduced in 2019

Britain and Northern Ireland are due to leave the EU on March 29. The Republic of Ireland in meanwhile will remain a member of the club. Betting on the Irish border is available now, and it became a key issue in the Brexit negotiations.

Irish border to be reintroduced
Two possible scenarios for Irish border either a backstop or hard border

The prospect of a “Hard Border” between Northern Ireland and Ireland has become the most complicated feature of the Brexit draft deal. Online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom present two scenarios for the 310-mile Irish border betting. First, an Irish backstop to be approved by the British MPs with odds at 7/100. Second, the “Hard Border” to be reintroduced with 7/1 according to 22Bet Sportsbook.

What does “Hard Border” stand for?

The term is used to describe checks on people and goods – and the staff, buildings and equipment needed to do that- on the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

2 Reasons Hard Border to be avoided

  1. uphold the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement
  2. ensure an Irish backstop agreed between Mrs May and the EU

There are two main reasons why the EU and Mrs May prefer the Irish border to remain open and invisible. First, keeping the border open will uphold the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Such Agreement was a key part of the peace process between the North and the South. It has ended three decades of sectarian violence.

Second, avoiding the hard border will ensure an Irish backstop agreed between Mrs May and the EU in November 2018. The backstop will allow UK citizens to stay in the single market and customs union, and continue to trade with the EU as they do now. This would last until 2020 when the transition period is completed.

No-Deal Brexit will reintroduce Hard Border

You can bet on the Irish border to be reintroduced if the Brexit deal is not signed and the UK leaves without a deal on March 29. Internet sportsbook news in the United Kingdom expect no-deal Brexit to address customs on goods moving between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Ireland Border to be Reintroduced

Many Brexiteers support hard border, as they are keen to have an independent trade policy. They believe hard border will give Britain freedom to set its own tariffs. They also do not accept an open border. That is because of the fear that the UK will be stuck in a single market with the EU forever.

At present, there is significant economic and social integration between Northern Irish and Irish communities. In total, there are 110 million border crossings every year. What’s more, the trade between North and South is worth over £4 billion. Around 100 large Northern Irish companies make deliveries across the border, yearly. In addition, At least 30,000 people are thought to commute across the border for work every day.

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