Bet on the New Swedish Liberal Party Leader: the Bookies’ Top 4

  • The majority party members believe it is time for a woman to lead
  • Ohlsson and Sabuni are still out of politics
Birgitta Ohlsson

The longtime Liberal leader Jan Bjorklund announced his intention to step down. He will not stand for re-election at the party’s conference in November. Several names are floating as potential replacements. We recommend choosing either Ohlsson, Persson, Malmstrom, or Sabuni when betting on the new Swedish Liberal Party leader.

Mr. Bjorklund said on a press conference “After 12 years as a party leader, it is time to pass the baton”, according to The Local. His announcement comes a bit of a surprise, but it looks like he aims to leave with triumph. He leads one of the smallest parties in Sweden with only 20 seats in Parliament. Yet his support for the so called “The January agreement” was crucial to form the new minority government, after four months of deadlock.

Internet sportsbook news in Sweden reported that the leadership contest will officially take place in November. However, many top candidates including Birgitta Ohlsson, Mats Persson, Cecilia Malmstrom, and Nyamko Sabuni, are about to start their campaigns. When placing your bet on the new Swedish Liberal leader, keep in mind that the majority of party members believe it is time for a woman to lead.

The new Swedish Liberal leader odds at 22Bet Sportsbook

  • Birgitta Ohlsson: 5.5
  • Mats Persson: 5
  • Cecilia Malmstrom: 5
  • Nyamko Sabuni: 2.5

Ohlsson ran for leadership in 2017

Birgitta Ohlsson is a prominent party member and the former EU minister in the Reinfeldt government. She challenged Mr. Bjorklund for the leadership position back in mid-2017. After the defeat, she decided to leave politics. She is living now in Oxford.

Despite all of that, Ohlsson remains very popular within the party and outside of it. Many online sportsbook news in Sweden reported that a number of party members are ready to launch a campaign to persuade Ohlsson to take on the leadership.

Persson the vocal critic of the January agreement

Mats Perrson
Mats Perrson

Mats Persson was the vocal critic of “the January agreement” between the Liberals, the Center Party and the Green Party. The agreement has brought back Stefan Lovfen of the Social Democrats to power. Mr. Persson is not alone, the number of critics is growing. He will try to capitalize on the opposition to Mr. Bjorklund’s deal to win the contest.

Mamlmstrom stated previously she is not willing to run

Cecilia Malmstrom currently serves as the EU Commissioner for Trade since 2014. The bookies suggest her to be one of the favourites within the party. Although she stated in previous interviews that she is not interested in the position, many Liberals are very keen to see her run for leadership.

Sabuni one of most powerful women in Sweden

Nyamko Sabuni, the former integration minister, is currently out of national politics working as sustainability consultant. She was recently nominated by the Swedish business magazine Chef in this year’s Diversity Director category. She was also nominated in 2018 as one of the most powerful women in Swedish business. Sabuni is a very strong contender if she decides to come back to politics.

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