Bet on the Next Danish Prime Minister

Bet on the Next Danish Prime Minister

Danish politics is complicated, least of all when trying to bet on the next Danish Prime Minister. With the help of our Danish election betting preview you have all that you need to make a profit.

When it comes to placing a bet on Danish Politics picking apart the current situation is far from easy, especially with a minority government (Venstre) claiming only 19.5% of the popular vote after failing to form a coalition of any description. They conducted meetings with the second most popular party (Danish People’s Party) however could not entertain the firm demands*. Is the entirety of the public eye now turning towards The Social Democrats, Denmark’s most popular party, or can Rasmussen hold on to his position?

“A Eurosceptic approach to the EU, re-introduction of border controls, further restriction on immigration and asylum policy, and 0.8 percent growth in public sector spending.”

Lars Løkke Rasmussen and the Venstre (5.00)

Bet on the next Danish Prime Minister

The current Prime Minister did not have an easy time rallying support back when he came into power however with recent proposals for new laws; he is showing empathy towards the usual insanity of the right. Online Sportsbook sites in Denmark claim that he is starting to gain support from a turbulent right. Such proposals include the banning of face vails, which is absolutely fine because the minister of justice has said he does not “want police pulling burqas’ off woman”. Therefore it must be totally acceptable that he just wants woman wearing such items to be sent home or merely finned. What a reasonable man. Not to mention recent fanaticism about a circumcision ban. Although it’s devastatingly reassuring to know that Rasmussen is sympathetic towards people’s religious beliefs, these discussions are most likely winning him some favour with ¾ of Danes opposing circumcision.

Kristian Thulsesen Dahl and the Danish Peoples Party (16.00)

No election would be complete without some form of delusional far right populism. Que Dhal and the party putting the people first, as long as your Danish… and even then… They really couldn’t be more original in their policies, which mostly revolve around preventing Islamic immigration, pushed by adverts compelling enough for a lawsuit. They did however gain an 8.8% increase in seats in the 2015 election. But don’t necessarily bet on the next Danish Prime Minister to be Dahl. The extremism has shown up in recent opinion polls with a shift of popularity back towards Rasmussen.

Mette Frederiksen and the Social Democrats (1.36)

Bet on the next Danish Prime Minister

Last year the Social Democrats obtained the most seats but not political power – oh Scandinavia and your coalitions. So despite the polls proving that once again public support is in their favour why should Frederiksen be your bet for the next Danish Prime Minister? It helps to understand the Danish political system. Despite there being a large array of parties, coalitions tend to be formed before the election with parties declaring allegiance to the Blue Blok (the right) or the Red Blok (the left). It appears that smaller parties under the Red Block are currently having minor successes adding to the very real possibility of a Frederiksen lead government. This is, however, wholly dependent on if smaller parties can sustain their minor victories.

Bet on the next Danish Prime Minister

Online sportsbook sites in Denmark predict a likely shift to the right in accordance to Europe’s current political climate. Odds at Bet365 Sportsbook are currently coming in at (5.00) for the likes of Rasmussen, making for a very reasonable wager. That is unless you favour a bet on the next Danish Prime Minister with Kristian Dahl (16.00) for making a Trump-esque rampage. It’s certainly not impossible…

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