US vs UK: Bet on Archie Windsor and His First School

  • Bet on Harry and Meghan’s son to go to school in the US
  • Chances to choose Britain are higher, but there are many nuances
bet on Archie Windsor
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Recently, Meghan and Harry’s son celebrated his first birthday. Although he is too young to study yet, Royal Family fans can already bet on Archie Windsor and his first school. Will he go to a British school like his father and uncle or follow his mother’s steps in the US?

Son of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Archie Mountbatten-Windson, turned 1 on May 6. The youngest Royal expatriate celebrated his first birthday in Los Angeles, where he resides with his parents. On the occasion of his birthday, 1xBet Sportsbook revealed new odds on Archie’s first school. Do you think Meghan and Harry will send him to the Royal school after a couple of years or will the boy stay in the US? Let’s see the predictions.

Bet on Archie Windsor to study in America

As soon as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to move to North America, it became clear that they will keep their son far from British traditions. The family lived in Canada before moving to the US, where they stay now. According to the latest news, the Sussexes bought a mansion in Malibu. It speaks for the couple’s intention to stay in America, so it is reasonable to bet on Archie Windsor to learn there too.

bet on Archie Windsor
Prince Harry and Ms Markel attend ‘Amazing The Space’ event – Image via Flickr

Odds of 3.00 at 1xBet Sportsbook show that the former Royals will stay in the US, while 7.00 speak for Canada. Anyway, it seems obvious that Meghan, Harry, and Archie feel better far from the Queen’s influence. Finally, America is much safer when it comes to the number of Royal fans and paparazzi.

The best odds are still on the UK

According to online sportsbooks in Ireland, odds on Archie to learn in the UK are still the best. They are also justified as his father Prince Harry studied in England as well as Prince William. In general, all Royal Family members had no choice other than their home country. It is a long-lasting tradition to teach the Crown’s heiresses in the UK, but the situation with Archie is different. He grows up in North America, which already is a break from tradition. In addition, his parents insisted on Windsor junior to grow up as a private citizen, which will be impossible in Britain.

You can discover more about 1xBet Sportsbook here.

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