Bet On Argentina v Chile: Will Chile Win?


Posted: March 5, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

A lot depends on this game that is going to be played on 24 March. Argentina need all 3 points on basically all their remaining matches, but Chile’s situation is not much different either. Exciting encounter is expected, stay tuned and bet on Argentina v Chile!

It will be quite hard to predict the best odds to bet on Argentina v Chile because even online sportsbooks in Argentina are kind of hesitating regarding the chances. Normally Argentina would be clear favourites to win against basically any other teams except for Brazil, especially with Lionel Messi leading the team…

…however, this year is a little bit different. Messi retired, then returned; the whole team has been suffering and it is an actual possibility for Argentina to miss the World Cup. No need to highlight the fact how painful it would be for Messi if Argentina failed to qualify for World Cup. So the world class player will need to perform at his best against Chile.

Can Chile beat Argentina?

Of course they can! They have. Although that happened in the Copa America and the game ended with a goalless draw, but the Chileans won on penalties. That’s what made Messi retire from international football. Currently, Argentina are in the 5th position and Chile are 4th. The 4th directly qualifies for World Cup, while the fifth one will need to participate in a play-off eliminatory.

And Argentina’s 5th position is not safe either. Colombia are just one point behind them in the 6th position and they are eager to participate in the World Cup once again. Online sportsbooks are unusually pessimistic regarding the future of Argentine football, and they have a pretty good reason to do so. Lio Messi’s team is about to fail, although there are lots of games yet to be played.

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