Bet on Austrian Politics: Where to Find the Best Odds?

Austria Political Betting Odds

Feel free to bet on Austrian politics now, thanks to the political betting offers that you can find at BetVictor Sportsbook!

The Austrian Legislative Election is coming up. It will happen on 15 October, 2015 and luckily for us, online sportsbook news sites in Austria are also excited: we can find tons of political betting odds for the upcoming event. So, if you want to bet on Austrian politics, now is the perfect time to do so!

But where should you do it? Where can you do it? Where is it possible to find political betting odds and where can you bet on Austrian politics? If you’re looking for answers for this question then you just found your answer. Oh, sorry, I assumed you already clicked on the latest review about BetVictor Sportsbook!

Check out the odds for Austrian political betting!

The best odds to bet on Austrian politics is definitely at the popular sports betting site, BetVictor Sportsbook. They offer quite a wide variety of options to bet on politics in Austria. Do you think many people will vote on 15 October? Will the turnout be at least 74%? Bet on it for 8/11.

If you expect less than 74% of the Austrian people to vote, then you can double your stake thanks to the 1/1 odds. However, the turnout percentage is not your only option when it comes to placing a bet on Austrian politics at BetVictor Sportsbook. There are other political betting markets available as well…

Bet on next Chancellor in Austria!

Who will be the next Chancellor of Austria? Who will rule the newly formed parliament? That’s one of the most important questions ahead of the upcoming legislative vote in Austria and online sportsbook sites in Austria also have a strong opinion on the matter. Who are the best candidates to win the election?

According to the Austrian political betting odds at BetVictor Sportsbook, the biggest favourite to become the next Chancellor of Austria is Sebastian Kurz with his 1/7 odds. Christian Kern is his biggest challenger, his odds are 3/1. Other candidates seem quite unlikely to have a chance to become Austria’s chancellor.

HC Strache is still a candidate with actual chances, based on his 8/1 odds, but the rest are the impossible category. According to the online sportsbook directory at least. Ulrike Lunacek’s odds are 125/1, the odds for Matthias Strolz, Peter Pilz, Mirko Messner and Roland Duringer are 500/1 and the odds for Barbara Rosenkranz to become chancellor are 1000/1.

Bet on party performances!

If you don’t want to bet on Austrian politicians, but you still want to bet on Austrian politics, then you should go for party performances. Which party will have the most electors? Which party will be left disappointed the most? You can bet on KPO Plus to collect more than 1 percent for 3 /4, while the odds for the to go below 1% are 20/21.

The biggest party in Austria is OVP, and hence they are expected to have the most voters. If you think OVP will earn at least 32% of the total votes, you can bet on OVP for 5/6. IF you expect less from them, the odds are also 5/6. Find all parties and all ways to bet on Austrian politics at BetVictor Sportsbook!

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