Bet on Bilbao v Real Madrid: Will Los Blancos Lose Again?

Bilbao Real Betting Preview

We will try to present the best odds to bet on Bilbao v Real Madrid, which is possibly the best football derby in La Liga Round 14.

Online sportsbook news sites in Spain are already giving the championship’s golden medal to the Catalan players, even though they finally lost 2 points against Valencia last week. Refereeing was at its best once again that derby, next season’s VAR will be expected like the Messiah for Spanish football…

But the more important question is if Real Madrid can finally start winning their matches, as it is expected of them. They just tied in Cope del Rey against 3rd division leader Funelabrada. They also had a hard time beating Malaga at home last week, but they managed to take a 3-2 victory eventually.

So what’s gonna happen at San Mamés on Saturday? Let’s take a look at what we can expect based on current form, head to head history as well as the best odds to bet on Bilbao v Real Madrid in the online sportsbook directory!

Reasons for Bilbao to win

Real Madrid rarely have an easy task in winning at Estadio San Mamés. Athletic Bilbao is an ancient rival for the Royal Club, which makes the challenge even more interesting. Apart from Barca and Real, the Basques are the only team that have participated in every La Liga season.

It’s a historic team which always stand a chance against Real Madrid at home. But can Bilbao actually beat Real Madrid this weekend? They might be capable of doing so. Neither team is in its best form and Real Madrid proved on many occasions that they can make the opposing team score at any time, under any circumstances. So should we bet on Bilbao to beat Real Madrid?

Real can’t afford to lose points again…

Probably it would be more reasonable to bet on Real Madrid to beat Athletic Bilbao this Saturday. Despite the fact that the Galacticos have started the season in a poor form, they seem to start playing the way they are expected to play again. In addition, many injured cracks are about to return – Carvajal already played again, but Keylor Navas, Bale and Kovacic are also there for Zidane if their services are needed.

In addition, Real Madrid just decreased 2 points from their disadvantage over Barcelona. They can’t afford to lose points again if they still believe in La Liga victory. Can Real Madrid beat Bilbao? Can Real Madrid still win La Liga 2018? They must put the pressure on the Catalans and the whole situation puts the pressure on online sportsbook sites in Spain

Will you take advantage of the best odds to bet on Bilbao v Real Madrid? If so, and you want to bet on Real Madrid to beat Athletic Bilbao, you better go for Marathonbet Sportsbook, where the odds for Real Madrid to win are 1.50. The odds for Bilbao to beat Real Madrid are 7.00 at the same site… Will you bet on Bilbao v Real Madrid?

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