Bet on Federal Elections in Germany – Are We To See a New German Chancellor?

German Federal Elections 2017 Odds

The race is tightening up, place your bet on federal elections in Germany now for the best political betting odds!

Sites in the online sportsbook directory are getting more and more excited as the deadline to bet on federal elections in Germany is approaching. The Election Day has been scheduled to Sunday, 24 September. That’s the day which will decide many things, including the future of Germany and maybe even the European Union.

Most Germans have a clear view of who to vote for, but some are still indecisive. Those who haven’t yet decided on which party will deserve their vote, shall not be desperate either: the German government is doing everything to help them out. Wahlomat 2017 will be available to use in only a few days, and it will help voters decide on which party to vote for in German Federal Elections 2017.

What is Wahlomat 2017?

Wahlomat is a software which has been created back in 2002 and has been available ever since. It’s a supportive application which helps voters decide which party they should vote for, if they are not able to make their minds up based on what online sportsbook news sites in Germany write about political betting events.

Wahlomat 2017 will be available to use from 30 August. The program collects all programs of all relevant parties from the Federal Elections in Germany. Then it will offer you various theses and in the end it will give you a suggestion which party fits your wishes the most. You better download the app if you still don’t know whether it’s AfD, Die Linke, SPD or CDU/CSU you want in power.

Bet on German federal elections – what are the odds?

As of today, online sportsbook sites in Germany expect Merkel’s party to win German Federal Elections in 2017. The odds for CDU/CSU to win German Federal Elections are as low as 1.06 at Betworld Sportsbook. The second biggest challenger is Martin Schulz and his SPD with 8.00 odds to win the most seats in the Bundestag, while AfD’s and The Left’s success seems pretty much impossible with their respective odds of 75 and 120.

It is likely that the questions of who will be the next German Chancellor in 2017 is already decided based on the latest news by online sportsbooks as well as political analysts. However, those who want to bet on federal elections in Germany can still choose from various options. For example, you get to bet on the parties!

German Parties Chances

The most popular parties according to the latest polls… (Photo: Daily Express)

For example, if you think that SPD will collect lots of votes, even if you think they will fail to win, you can bet on SPD to gain at least 26% of all votes. The odds for SPD to gain this amount are 1.85. You can also bet on AfD to go above 8,5% for 1.90 or bet on The Greens to stay below 7% for 2.05.

Are you interested in placing a bet on federal elections in Germany? Download Wahlomat 2017, take a look at which party fits your needs the most and make your predictions for German political betting. Would you like to join the best sites to bet on politics in Germany? Take a look at the latest review about Betworld Sportsbook!

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