Bet on Gaelic Football: Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers

Bet on Gaelic Football: Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers

On 24th of February 2018, a football match Gaelic-style will decide who goes into the final round of All-Ireland Senior Club Championship 2018. For the Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers match-up, which team has a better chance of winning? You can check out their winning odds below.

The Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers match will take place in O’Moore Park, Portlaoise, Ireland. According to Irish online gambling news, Derby-based Slaughtneil came from the Ulster Championship side while Cork-based Nemo Rangers won the Munster Championship. And just like that, the two leading teams are qualified to play in the semi-final round of All-Ireland Championship 2018. Nemo Rangers are known as the most successful team while Slaughtneil are known as the most united team. Are their reputations any indicator of winning this match?

Successes of Nemo Rangers

As we all know, Nemo Rangers have a rich winning culture. Winning is their thing. Let’s recall all the Nemo Rangers’ glory: 7 All-Ireland Cups, 16-time Munster Champions and 20-time Cork Champions! Their successes are overwhelming. Online sportsbook sites in Ireland have predicted even odds for Nemo Rangers to win in the Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers match. Keep in mind that successes aren’t always good. It creates so much pressure and stress for the players in general.

Slaughtneil Leading Gaelic Sports

Slaughtneil has never won an All-Ireland Championship. Yet, Slaughtneil (4/5) has higher winning odds in the Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers match, according to online gambling sites in Ireland. In the past few years, Slaughtneil is dominating other Gaelic sports such as hurling and camogie. So right now, they are looking to add Gaelic football to the list of domination!

Having a certain mentality probably contributes to Slaughtneil becoming a Gaelic sports leader. In an interview, Slaughtneil Star Player Chrissy McKaigue said that he believed Slaughtneil to be the most united club in the country. It sends a message to the team that we are in this together. The positive vibe could result in improved coordination and increased team effort.

Winner of Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers Match

We don’t know the winner yet. But the odds show that Slaughtneil (4/5) has a higher chance of winning than Nemo Rangers (1/1). Where can you bet on the highly anticipated Slaughtneil v Nemo Rangers match? Paddy Power Sportsbook is one of the few websites that offers bets on Gaelic Football!

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