Bet on German Ice Hockey League: Can Wolfsburg Come Back?

Red Bull München vs Wolfsburg

If you want to bet on German ice hockey league winner, you better hurry up because your last chance might be coming up soon…

Those who want to bet on German ice hockey league, shall hurry up because the tournament might as well end as on 17 April. That’s when the next playoff final is to be played. The EHC Red Bull München vs EHC Grizzlys Wolfsburg derby is going to be played at Olympia Eishalle in two days. This is going to be their 5th meeting in the best of seven system. Online sportsbooks in Germany already see the winner…

RB München is way too outstanding so far…

Each team plays 52 matches during the regular season of the German ice hockey league. Red Bull München were clearly the best team of the regular season in the German ice hockey league as they have won 31 out of their 52 matches on normal time, and won 5 more after extra time. EHC Red Bull München topped the table at the end of the season.

Their opponents in the playoffs were 10th placed Bremerhaven, whom they knocked out by 4-0. In the next round, 8th placed Eisbaren Berlin were coming up against them, causing a bit more trouble: 4-1 in the best of 7 encounters. That’s their road to DEL Final, where they are facing Wolfsburg. Online betting news in Germany are clearly highlighting them as the favourites to win Deutsche Eishockey Liga.

Wolfsburg’s Road to DEL Final

Wolfsburg finished in the 5th place at the end of the regular season of DEL, the German Ice Hockey League. Their road to DEL Final was way more difficult than that of Red Bull München’s. They faced 4th placed Köln first, whom they knocked out in a euphoric eliminatory by 4-3. After that they met third-placed Nürnberg who seemed a bit easier: 4-2. And now they are playing the final against München.

München are clear favourites…

Online sportsbooks regarded Red bull München as the clear favourites to win Deutsche Eishockey Liga: they have a far stronger squad, built of far more money and they even performed much better throughout the season. And so far, after 4 games, the German Ice Hockey League betting predictions seemed to be right about the chances: München is a much better team.

The first four matches have already been played, and the fifth one is to be played on Monday, 17 April. So far, Wolfsburg have won 1 out of four games, so the result so far is 3-1 for Red Bull München. They need only one more victory to end up being crowned as the king of German ice hockey league. And they are pretty close to reach that far. Against, the last match of the German ice hockey league might come in two days, unless Wolfsburg managed to beat them again, and make the playoff a bit more exciting.

The first three matches were actually pretty exciting: Wolfsburg lost the first one on extra time, and even in the following two games, they lost by 1 goal only. Still, they lost. However, something broke at the 4th game: München trashed them by 7-2 and it could be a huge mental advantage for them. Is there still way back for the underdogs? Can Wolfsburg still beat München? Can Wolfsburg still be champions?

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