Bet on Hungary to Dominate Olympic Swimming

László Cseh

While it might not be the first choice for most online bettors, yet it seems like a good idea to bet on Hungary in Olympic swimming.

It could be quite a good deal to bet on Hungary in the Olympics as the tiny country has performed rather well on most Olympic Games compared to how tiny this country is. With less than 10 million inhabitants, yet over 450 Olympic medals throughout history. And more than 150 of those Olympic medals are golden, based on the information provided by online sportsbooks in Hungary.

Swimming is one of the most popular and successful sports in Hungary and Hungarian swimmers are maybe not the most famous ones of the world, we can find some outstanding talents at every Olympic Games. Who is going to be the greatest discovery this year? Let’s find out!

Bet on Katinka Hosszú to dominate in Rio!

Katinka Hosszú might be the most famous Hungarian swimmer. Katinka Hosszú Olympics performance is very much expected to be outstanding. She finished fourth in London, 2012 but has been amazing ever since: several world records have been broken and even more competitions have been won by her. Now she is expecting another set of great results in Rio 2016 and online sportsbooks in Brazil also expect her to amaze Hungarian sports enthusiasts.

László Cseh versus Michael Phelps…again?

Another one of the famous Hungarian swimmers in the Olympics will definitely be the successful László Cseh. His most successful Olympic was on Beijing, 2008 when he claimed 3 silver medals. Cseh broke European records in all 3 competitions he swam in but unfortunately for him, a certain Michael Phelps was even better and beat him in all 3. Apart from that, Cseh has one-one bronze medals from London as well as Athens and is looking forward to finally claim an Olympic golden in Rio 2016.

Boglárka Kapás might have a chance

One of the greatest sensation in the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 was Boglárka Kapás, who was the youngest member of the Hungarian national team. She was only 15 years old back then. She’s 23 now which means she is still young, yet she has tons of experience already which can be of her advantage. Will she be able to win an Olympic medal? Maybe, but she is another great reason to bet on Hungary in the Olympics!

Zsuzsanna Jakabos

Zsuzsanna Jakabos is at her 4th Olympics


The Gyurta brothers aim for glory as well

The older one of them is named Dániel and he knows what it feels like to win Olympic golden medal: he won in London, 2012 on 200m breaststroke. In addition, he also has a silver from Athens, 2004 and hopes to add other medals to his glorious list. His 24-year-old brother, Gergely is about to participate in his second Olympic Games after finishing 12th in London. He became European champion in 1500m freestyle since then and hopes to become Olympic champion, just like his older brother.

The Verrasztó siblings are also very motivated…

Dávid Verrasztó, the older brother has been European Champion on 5 occasions and won silver on 5 European Championships as well as a World Championship, however his Olympic participation was not too convincing in 2012. He wants better results this time and it could be a good idea to bet on Hungarian swimmer Dávid Verrasztó at online sportsbooks. His younger sister, Evelyn Verrasztó also seeks Olympic glory after winning the European Championship in London, 2016, among other triumphs.

Can Zsuzsanna Jakabos finally win an Olympic medal?

The 27-year-old Hungarian swimmer has been competing in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012 and will be there in Rio 2016 as well. However, she has never claimed an Olympic medal. Her best result is a 6th place from 2008. The swimmer hopes to finally claim her first medal in Rio. She will compete in 400m medley and 200m butterfly.

They will be the most likely Hungarians to win Olympic medals. Please let us know if you agree and even more so if you disagree with us. Let us know your opinion about the upcoming Olympic swimming chances and again, bet on Hungary to triumph often. It seems like a clever bet for swimming!

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