Bet On Kardashians to Cancel Christmas in 2020

  • For the first time in 42 years, the Kardashian family is thinking about canceling a traditional Christmas party.
  • According to People magazine, the sisters hope to the last that they will not have to break the old family tradition.
  • Should we bet on Kardashians to Cancel Christmas in 2020?
Bet On Kardashians to Cancel Christmas in 2020
Image via Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For the first time in 42 years, the Kardashian family is thinking about canceling a traditional Christmas party. This was announced by the younger sister of TV star Kim Kardashian-West – Chloe in her Twitter account. Also, the star family will not hold a photoshoot for Christmas cards this year. According to People magazine, the sisters hope to the last that they will not have to break the old family tradition. Indeed, Chris Jenner, the girls’ mother, started the family’s Christmas parties in 1978. However, two years ago, her daughters took on this responsibility. Should we bet on Kardashians to Cancel Christmas in 2020? Let’s figure it out! 

Kardashians Christmas party 2019: How was it last year?

If you think that large-scale Christmas parties and social gatherings suit only politicians and large companies, then you are not subscribed to any of the sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on Instagram. Indeed, every year the members of the most popular clan in the world organize a holiday in honor of Christmas, which the world media actively follows. Moreover, online sportsbooks in the USA offer special bets on this family. Like every time since 1978, the Kardashian family once again shocked America with the magnitude of their Christmas party 2019. The holiday was previously traditionally arranged by Chris Jenner. However, now her daughters took it over. In 2019, Courtney was the hostess of this event. Before we make a bet on Kardashians to cancel Christmas in 2020, let’s remember how it was last year.

Bet on Kardashians’ best Christmas party

As a rule, every year one or another sister becomes the host of the event. This time the reception in her house was arranged by the oldest, 40-year-old Courtney, who differs from her closest relatives by her diligent care for the environment and love for organic food and drinks. Thanks to the high activity of the sisters on social networks, you can see many details and guests of one of the brightest events of the season. The path leading to the main entrance to Kim Kardashian-West’s older sister’s mansion was decorated with real white candles in glass bulbs that protected the fire from the wind. On a decorative staircase on either side were pots of the poinsettia, also known as the Christmas star.

File:Kim Kardashian 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Kim Kardashian – Luke Ford, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

In the lobby, a quartet performing a cappella Christmas choruses in historical costumes greeted the guests. Besides, Courtney set inverted spruce as the main decoration. The rest of the decorations were very traditional, although the burning fireplace did not look quite right, given the weather features of December in California. All the free surfaces were decorated with glowing garlands and spruce branches, and in the yard, the decorators put wooden floor panels, small cream rosettes and sleds, which completed, as described by Kim Kardashian, who shot everything in her Instagram, a “forest” and “cozy” atmosphere. Inside the house was a banquet area made in natural tones and a stage where the singer Sia first performed. Moreover, she presented her main hits depicting a toy in a large box. Besides, Kanye West’s choir, which sings at Sunday services in his opera, also took part in the event.

Who came to the party?

All the sisters came to the Christmas party with their children. However, the only exception was 23-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner, who has not yet become a mother. Kylie Jenner, who received the title of “youngest independent billionaire” from Forbes magazine last year, came to her older sister with her daughter Stormy, who received a toy house as a Christmas present. If you believe the stories on Instagram, taken by a happy young mother, this covered area, located in the backyard of her house, can compete in size with the homes of ordinary adult Americans. Mother and daughter attended a party in paired emerald outfits of the French fashion house haute couture Ralph & Russo. Kylie complemented her dress, which once again emphasized her not too refined taste, with a diamond necklace with massive emeralds.

If it is difficult to make claims against obviously expensive jewelry, then the manicure of the younger sister of the clan rightly raises a lot of questions. Her love for incredibly long false nails has reached a critical stage. This time matte green nails looked frankly cheap against the background of diamonds and emeralds. However, the girl clearly did not understand that to maintain the whole image in one color in 2019 was not worth it. Stormy’s father, rapper Travis Scott, was also present. The famous singer ended his relationship with Kylie in 2019. However, sources close to the claim that they agreed to raise their daughter in a full-fledged family.

Surprises at Kardashians’ Christmas party 2019

Courtney Kardashian chose a traditional red dress for her image, Chloe Kardashian wore a shiny gold outfit. However, the most interesting dress was Kim, who continues to master the archival collections of cult brands. This time she chose a soft pink model with details in the form of rectangular pieces of brown leather. Users of the network were not so much impressed by the original choice of Kim Kardashian-West. However, the extravagant businesswoman managed to surprise the audience, even more, when she showed her subscribers a Christmas present for her daughter North West. One more shocking news after online sportsbooks in the USA announced Kim Kardashian Next Attorney-General. You can still check the latest odds in Bet Online.

Bet On Kardashians to Cancel Christmas in 2020
Will they celebrate?

Kim and Kanye bought their daughter a wardrobe item from her favorite singer Michael Jackson at an auction. In this jacket, the legendary singer met Elizabeth Taylor. However, the rapper and businesswoman were not embarrassed by the story. They even shortened the sleeves and bottom of the thing so that North could wear it now. All in all, last year no one could imagine a bet on Kardashians to cancel Christmas in 2020. The luxurious party was one of the main events of the year. Let’s see what happens next.

Bet on Kardashians to cancel Christmas in 2020

Fans of the Kardashian-Jenner family are looking forward to the annual Christmas party hosted by celebrities. The holiday is always celebrated with great scope, reception of guests and luxurious outfits, which are demonstrated by star sisters and invited celebrities. However, this year the noisy party might have to be canceled. Indeed, none of the star family could even imagine that the Christmas party might not take place. Back in November, when fans asked Chloe if there would be a traditional family holiday this year, Kardashian replied that they planned the party, just it would not be too noisy. A few close friends and relatives will gather to make the event as safe as possible. “We will celebrate Christmas!” a sister of Kim Kardashian assured the fans. After that, Chloe was criticized for thinking about the holiday, even with a small number of guests.

The haters immediately came to life and began to resent, accusing the star that they were sacrificing the opportunity to be with families and throw parties, so why not stay at home? “After all, this is not the end of the world!” some people said. And now Chloe said with full confidence that there would be no Christmas celebration after all. Traditions are traditions, but this year is unusual. “This is the first time we will not have a Christmas party since 1978. Health and safety above all,” said Chloe. However, she added that next year they will arrange an unforgettable holiday for family and friends. And while we are waiting let’s have some fun and learn How to Gamble During Christmas. Visit the Bet Online sportsbook to check the latest Kardashian family bets and make real money for good Christmas shopping!

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