Bet On Super Bowl LVI Eclipsing The Television Adverts

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Bet On Super Bowl LVI

So, the Cincinnati Bengals surprised everyone and came from nowhere to win the AFC. Can their roll hold? Should you bet on the Cincinnati Bengals to go all the way? Well online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada don’t think so. They’re offering a bet on the Los Angeles Rams at distinctly shorter odds. Still, anything could happen when they kick off and at least you can bet on Super Bowl LVI holding your attention between the adverts whilst you wait for halftime.

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The Super Bowl rolls around again with some surprising participants and the expectations of an interesting game. The Cincinnati Bengals were longshots to win the AFC when the season began. Now they’re riding high and in the final with the Los Angeles Rams, themselves not favorites to win the NFC. So this isn’t the game anyone was expecting. So whilst online bookies in the US offer interesting odds for a bet on Super Bowl LVI they could prove somewhat wayward yet.

Online betting sites in the US like Bovada offer odds on the Cincinnati Bengals of 6/4. That’s a little parsimonious for a side which has, in a couple of years, come back from oblivion. Sure, the Rams are, on paper the better side. Hence, you can find offers of odds on the Los Angeles Rams at just 1/2 or lower. However, the Bengals are chasing a dream. So do you really want to bet on Super Bowl LVI squandering such a narrative arc? For that alone the Bengals are worth backing.

Bengals Chase Fairytale Finish All The Way To The Final

Certainly, a lot of neutral fans will root for the Bengals. Some because of their amazing run this season, some because of the nifty helmets. However, whilst you could always bet on Super Bowl LVI holding a football fan’s attention, everyone else is waiting for halftime. Comedian Lewis Black described the halftime show at the Super Bowl as a snapshot of where America was as a nation in any given year. This year they’ve Dr Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Mary J Blige. 

Just where commentators will place that in the ongoing culture wars in the United States is anyone’s guess. However, for once the sport might just eclipse the onstage antics of the glitterati. You can definitely bet on Super Bowl LVI outshining the television adverts. This is not always the case. You can’t always bet on sports in the US to provide the most scintillating of games. This year the odds on Super Bowl LVI suggest we’re going to get a different sort of spectacle.

Bet On Super Bowl LVI
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Bovada Has Your Bet On Super Bowl LVI

Thus you probably shouldn’t consider the Super Bowl LVI odds a cut and dried prediction. Or, at least, no more than you ought assume Eminem will sing in key at halftime. Sure, on paper the Rams have a far better chance, but this is one game, and everyone has an off day. Neither of these sides expected the other as an opponent even if they got this far, so this is new territory. The bookies will follow the stats, but so far this season the Bengals have rewritten the record books.  

Super Bowl LVI Odds

  • Cincinnati Bengals – 6/4
  • Los Angeles Rams – 1/2 

Ja’Marr Chase alone has set the bar pretty high. The Rams certainly aren’t going to have it easy whatever the bookies say. Both Sean McVay and Zac Taylor are running tight squads with good on-field cohesion. This just isn’t as done and dusted as those odds imply. So if you are going to take advantage of US gambling laws to bet on Super Bowl LVI (and you’re not a dyed in the wool Rams fan) you could do a lot worse than back the Bengals to get the fairytale finish.

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We take a look at why you might want to bet on Super Bowl LVI not quite following the path the odds at the bookies suggest.

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