Bet on the 2020 All-Weather Championships


Posted: March 18, 2020

Updated: March 18, 2020

  • The All-Weather Championships will take place in early October
  • Ante-post betting is already available
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The AW Championships’ most important races will take place in April. However, the tournament is always decided by autumn. The runs at the Lingfield racecourse show which horse has the necessary performance to be a champion. Even if this years’ acts are delayed, an ante-post bet on the 2020 All-Weather Championships can be a sensible wager.

The Lingfield racecourse is busy all the time. There are 80 different happenings during the year. The AWC is probably the most popular of them. Even more, the Lingfield Park Resort also includes countless features like a five-star hotel facility and SPA and much more. If you thinking about a bet on the 2020 All-weather Championships, you should also consider visiting one of the races. I can promise that will be a lifelong experience. According to the online sportsbooks news in the UK, this year will be a great attraction since probably these will be the first races held after the pandemic.

Still, don’t afraid to bet on horse races during these hard days, since horses are immune to Covid-19 and none of the big races have been canceled. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit the events in person, since they will organize all the runs behind closed doors.

If you bet on the 2020 All-Weather Championships, you bet on Europe’s most prestigious horse races

What makes the AWC special, is that they offer every type of race during the offseason and at the start of the official season. Therefore, even if you like fast-track or long-distance marathons, you will find your preference. However, this time we will focus on the races in the Autumn, which will take place at the Lingfield Racecourse. These happenings are not just outstanding sports events but also beautiful. Thus, a bet on the 2020 All-Weather Championships is not just for gamblers but it’s also a great option for sentimental horse-race lovers to make the competitions more exciting. We all know, somehow, if you bet on something, the outcome is always more anticipated.

Our highlighted bets on the AWC are the Betway Sprint and Marathon and the Bombardier Mile. It’s very different how equines can qualify for the races, however, they are all held at the Lingfield racecourse in early October.

Bet on the 2020 All-Weather Championships
Exciting moments at a fast-track

The Betway Marathon

The race includes a £150,000 prize pool. It’s open for 4-year-old or older horses. This race is the longest track during the happenings. Even the qualification races are between 13 and 15 furlongs. Therefore, only the mightiest horses can race during the Marathon, since it’s a huge challenge to qualify by itself. If you would like to learn about the toughest race of AW Championships take a look at our 2020 Betway All-Weather Marathon predictions.

The Betway Sprint

Just like the Marathon, it also comes with a rich total of £150,000 prize-money and it’s also for the 4-year-old or older scene. To qualify for this one, the jockeys and horses must compete on several fast-tracks. Probably sprinters’ competitions are the most exciting in the horseracing world. Therefore, check out our  2020 Betway All-Weather Sprint predictions because you don’t want to miss that one.

The Bombardier Mile

The Bombardier Mile is probably the most popular out of the AW races at the Lingfield course. Even if ante-post betting is not available for all the runs in the autumn, all of the online sportsbooks in the UK have created their wagers on this one. The qualification races are not so specific since the participants can qualify through any distance category. Therefore, while sprinters and stayers are both potential shoo-ins, to get high enough rating is a real achievement by itself. If you would like to learn more about the most anticipated act of the AW Championships, read our 2020 All-Weather Mile predictions.

As AWC’s biggest support, the Betway Sportsbook offers the tallest odds on the events

As the name of the races already highlights that BW is their biggest supporter. Thus, it’s not a surprise that it’s highly recommended to bet on the 2020 All-Weather Championships through the Betway Sportsbook.

While a lot of ante-post horse-racing bets have extremely high odds at this moment, it’s not too safe to play them. The new coronavirus caused huge damage in the sports events industry. The odds are high because there is a significant chance that the race won’t be held, or will be delayed. Therefore, try to avoid online gambling sites in the UK which are not trustworthy, or don’t have proper UK license. By the way, a bet on the All-Weather Championships at the Betway Sportsbook is a safe option.

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