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Bet On The Witcher S02

The Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski has a real success story, as his short stories and novels have been loved by millions worldwide. The Witcher’s stories have been translated into more than 20 languages, and in addition to the excellent video game trilogy, it has also produced more or less successful TV series, film adaptations, and comics. What is Sapkowski’s secret? Whether the familiar characters, elves, dwarves, wizards, or the living dead, the short stories and novels also feature several figures and themes familiar from Slavic mythology and Eastern European history. That familiarity is why the stories can speak to all readers in the world around us. If you missed out on the first season, don’t waste more time. Watch the series before the next season airs and bet on the Witcher S02.

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Why Do People Love The Witcher Everywhere?

The protagonist, the monster hunter Geralt, is disillusioned with power and disappointed in the new system. So we have a hero who looks at the world cynically and lives by his moral code. At the same time, the wandering, killing for money, lonely anti-hero may be familiar from the once world-famous western films. Just as the xenophobia raging in this dark and abstract world is no stranger to our time. That’s why Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, a fan of Andrzej Sapkowski’s work, and her team have adapted the Witcher series to Netflix’s channel all around the world. The short stories, the novels, and the Witcher video games also set the bar very high. So we will sit down with huge expectations in front of the next season of the Witcher series. 

Luckily, we got a series that is nowhere near the poor quality Polish TV series. However, if you loved the first season of a series, you will have at least the same or higher expectations for the next one. The only question is, will the Witcher grow up to these? The protagonist of this episodic but continuous story is not just Geralt. The sorceress, Yennefer, had a miserable childhood and adolescence. Ciri, the princess with immense and ancient powers. The other characters center around them. The first season is, basically, about their outcast and persecution by society for their origins or physical defects and how they find each other. 

To Bet On the Witcher S02, You Need To Know the Background – Spoiler Alert

Through The Witcher, we get into a fantasy world and walk on an unnamed continent, which has several kingdoms and magic. The area, dotted with ancient forests and bogs, is being ravaged by monsters looking for prey. The witchers, the professional swordsmen who specialize in destroying these creatures and unleashing curses.

The witchers are not humans but mutants made by other witchers. Our hero, Geralt Rivia, who hunts for money, is a lonely, constantly growling, and brooding warrior. During a mission, thanks to destiny, he becomes responsible for the life of one of the kingdoms’ princesses, Ciri, the Princess of Cintra. Geralt is reluctant, but as in most fantasy stories, you can’t say no to faith. When Nilfgaard attacks Cintra, Ciri has to flee, and Geralt has to find the young girl to protect her. This is the background of The Witcher’s first season in a nutshell. Of course, the situation and plot are much more complicated than that.

Confusing Timelines

Yennefer, the powerful and complex sorceress, joins the story, as well and the three different timelines give depth and layers to the fantasy. If you feel confused, that’s probably because of the timelines and since the series forgets to mention it. However, by the end, the events get perfectly outlined. By the last episode, the creators nicely entwine all the threads. Each of the timelines shows the characters and their reasons, so they don’t want to hide secrets from us but give more layers to the story. Fortunately, the inconvenience of jumping between the different times is balanced by the fact that the creators have adapted the story very well.

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The stories of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer have come to life properly. Plus, the series follows the atmosphere throughout the TV show. Now that you are aware of the basics and hopefully watch or have already watched the series, you can bet on the witcher S02 at 22Bet Sportsbook. Earn some money at online sportsbook sites in the US. For example, you can place bets on whether Yennefer will teach Ciri the forbidden fire magic or not or what will happen in a given episode. These are the kind of bets you can make in connection to a TV show.

Bet on The Witcher S02 Characters – Henry Cavill as the Perfect Geralt

Henry Cavill knows perfectly well what the audience wants from him. While the plot brought the book to life, Cavill took the video games, with its 40 million fans, as the example and brought Geralt from the game to life. So much so that he even changes his voice to the one you can hear during the video game. Cavill had little personal input in his character, instead, the British actor loved forming the beloved hero. That’s why he became the perfect Geralt of the Witcher series, not to mention his physical appearance. He’s likely to polish even more on the character after the first season, but it’s on the audience to decide at 22Bet

Of course, it wasn’t just Cavill. The production hit the nail right on the head with the other actors for the series. Yennefer is a very complex character, in addition to her origins, a very strong part of the series, Anya Chalotra did a great job. She plays the distorted, suicidal, self-pitying character perfectly, just like the beautiful, ambitious, and career-oriented sorceress. The same is true for Freya Allen too, who plays Ciri. Just like, Joey Batey, who plays Jaskier, the witty and fun bard, and Geralt’s best friend. Thanks to him, the Toss A Coin To Your Witcher song became the anthem of the first season and probably to the whole Witcher legend.

The Witcher is The New Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones has probably the most massive fan base in the history of TV series. If nothing more, comparing the two series, that is a good sign and something to aspire to. There are some similarities between the two series that keen-eyed fans have spotted. It is strange how similar the two fantasy world is, despite their differences. Both feature grim fantasy worlds with epic journeys and characters. Quit thinking of earth-shattering similarities though, some plot moments and characters exhaust these observations. For instance, Both stories have their apocalyptic prophecies. Ciri’s journey lines up with Arya’s. Both of them had to hide after a violent takeover, and both of them had cynical, burnt-out, lone warriors, looking after them. However, while the battles in Game of Thrones affect everyone, one way or another, the Witcher is much more personal and human-friendly. 

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GoT is an epic fantasy, but magic is emphasized in The Witcher much more. Also, many more species appear in that world. Fortunately, the creators of the Netflix show have focused on these, too. Rather than the battles for the throne since nobody wants a copy of an all-time favorite. Both worlds are raw and honest. The medieval milieu is full of violence, filth, and highly questionable morals. It is difficult to draw the line between good and evil. Martin’s Westeros and Essos are extremely detailed and complex continents that carry hundreds of more tales and stories, still undiscovered. However, Sapkowski hasn’t guided us through his world, many places we only hear from for a few words. In return, though, we get to know these regions, their customs, and their secrets better. So even though we could analyze and compare for hours, we can agree that both books and TV series have similarities, but all in all, they bring us pretty unique worlds.

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