Bet on Which Film Will Win the 2016 Razzies!

Worst movies of the year 2016

A number of awful films debuted in 2016, and right now, PaddyPower is allowing their members to bet on which will win the 2016 Razzies.

The Golden Raspberry Awards, more commonly known as the Razzies, is an annual ceremony that recognizes the worst film of the year. There are a number of worthy contenders in 2016, but it appears to have come down to just two choices. Let’s take a look at the betting odds for each one.

Suicide Squad

David Ayer-directed Suicide Squad was perhaps the most anticipated movie of the year. Serious promotion was pushed ahead of the film’s release, including a trailer that was been viewed over 77 million times. The enticing storyline and talented cast had almost everyone predicting it would be the type of movie to push DC into new heights, but unfortunately that just was not meant to be.

Suicide Squad 2016

Despite a number of good performances, Suicide Squad failed to impress (photo:

Suicide Squad quickly made UK gambling news by leaving almost everyone disappointed. The movie felt rushed, the script was poorly written, and the plot was confusing. Even Jared Leto, who took his new role as the Joker about as serious as an actor possibly can, did not succeed in filling in the footsteps of Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. Essentially the entire movie was flawed, and PaddyPower now lists it as the betting favorite to win the 2016 Razzies.

To be fair, Suicide Squad was not the worst movie of the year. The Razzies typically focus on the most popular worst movies. There are hundreds of films that could easily win this award, but the massive hype and subsequent letdown of the movie have made it a top Razzie contender. Suicide Squad’s odds to win the Razzies this year are currently at 4/6.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Ah… Poor poor DC. This was the second movie this year that succeeded in generating massive interest, but fell on its face. The Batman vs. Superman premise has been talked about for years, so when DC announced they would finally shoot the movie, superhero fans were ecstatic.

Batman movie Superman

Both of the top Razzie contenders this year are from DC Comics (photo:

Unfortunately, the movie failed to live up to even the most meager expectations. It lacked any kind of depth, which is slightly surprising considering the 151 minute run-time. Ben Affleck certainly tried his best as the new Batman, but good acting can only take a movie so far when both the script and plot are poor. Nonetheless, the movie succeeded in generating over $873 million at the box office over a budget of $250 million, so the higher-ups at DC probably don’t feel too bad.

Now, Batman vs. Superman is one of the betting favorites to win the 2016 Razzies. PaddyPower lists their odds to win the award at 11/10. Once again, there are hundreds of films much more worthy of the title as worst movie of 2016, but the interest the movie generated prior to its release and widespread disappointment afterwards make this one of the top films that could win the 2016 Razzies.

Which movie do you think will win the 2016 Razzies? Did you enjoy either of the two movies we listed? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of online casinos in the UK to find all the best websites for playing internet casino games inside the UK!

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