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After Russia 2018 and (probably) Qatar 2022, FIFA needs to decide who will host the 2026 world cup. Hopefully it’ll come down to merit not money. Before you bet on World Cup hosts, though, read our guide to the possible contenders

It has been announced that the vote for the 2026 world cup will take place in 2020, three years later than originally planned. This leaves you plenty of time to bet on the World Cup hosts!

Bet on World Cup Hosts at Coral Sportsbook

  • Canada @ 5.00 (4/1)
  • USA @9.00 (10/1)
  • Morocco @17.00 (16/1)

When the hosts of the next two FIFA world cups were decided, there was uproar that the decision wasn’t fair. When you bet on world cup hosts, you have to take into account power, influence, and capacity to bribe, not merely the strength of a country’s argument.
Br>Hopefully the 2026 world cup will be in a country that deserves it, which means there should be infrastructure and a genuine football culture. To be on world cup hosts you should also consider that FIFA likes to spread it around the world, as well as taking it to places where it thinks the game can be expanded and celebrated. Here are the contenders!

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Canada: 5.00 (4/1) at Coral Sportsbook

Online sportsbooks have Canada as the early favourite, and they are currently one of only three countries to confirm they will bid. It would certainly offer a different dynamic to Russia and Qatar, as Canada enjoys a stable and liberal political system. While they are not known as a footballing force, there are arguments in their favour.


Canada are favourites to host in 2026

Canada hosted the 2015 women’s world cup, which shows both an enthusiasm for the sport and a capability to host a major tournament. They were very close to hosting the 1986 World Cup, when they lost out to Mexico. Likewise, their potential rival America held the world cup only in 1994. If the tournament is going to be held in that part of the world, it would be good for it to go to a nation which had never held the men’s version before.

Colombia: 7.5 (13/2) at Coral Sportsbook

Colombia is a major football nation which has never hosted the Cup, so it’s fair that they are in the running. They were initially chosen to host in 1986, but financial troubles meant it passed to Mexico. However, there are several reasons to avoid them if you bet on world cup hosts. Firstly, the South American federation held the tournament only in 2014. And there are already suggestions it’ll return to South America in 2030, to commemorate 100 years of the tournament.

While they did host the U20 World Cup in 2010, there would still need to be significant infrastructure upgrades. Don’t bet on Colombia hosting the World Cup.

Mexico: 7.5 (13/2) at Coral Sportsbook

Mexico is not in South America, which certainly counts in their favour. They have a strong football tradition, and there is a strong case for the Cup to be held in that part of the world. However, they hosted in both 1970 and 1986; it would be remarkable if they were chosen a third time.

USA: 9.00 (8/1) at Coral Sportsbook

Despite hosting in 1994, bet on the USA to host it again. They are an upcoming football force, with the quality of both their local league (the MLS) and their national team are steadily improving. FIFA will be desperate to capitalise on the potentially huge American market.

Mexico 1976

Could we see a repeat of Mexico 1986?

The US are getting more involved in the running of soccer, as evidenced by the downfall of Blatter. We reckon they should be favourites. Go to online sportsbooks in the EU to bet on world cup hosts in 2026 being America.

England: 13.00 (12/1) at Coral Sportsbook

After missing out on 2018, the English will be desperate to host the tournament. It would mark 60 years since they last hosted (and won), and 30 years since they hosted the European championship. However, with Russia (which counts as Europe) hosting in 2018, it’s unlikely they would be chosen.

Morocco: 17.00 (16/1) at Coral Sportsbook

Morocco love to big for world cups. They bid in 1994, 1998, 2006, and 2010. Now online gambling in Morocco has grown in popularity, it’s possible that football executives in the country won’t be so tempted to gamble on hosting.

Morocco initially planned for the African Cup of Nations in 2010 to showcase their ability to host prestigious football tournaments, but eventually declined due to the Ebola epidemic. This will hurt their chances of a bid. While a tournament in Africa for only the second time, and the first in Northern Africa, would be attractive, it would require considerably more investment than a North American option. Still, this is probably the second best bet after the States.|

Australia + NZ: 21.00 (20/1) at Coral Sportsbook

Oceania would be an exciting host for the world cup: a marketable area with a growing interest in football, with a strong history of hosting sporting events. It’s never been held in that part of the world, while both Australia and New Zealand are regular participants at the tournament.

However, Australia recently joined the Asian football federation, meaning that under current rules it cannot host the world cup immediately after Qatar. So, unless the hosts of the 2022 world cup changes, Australia has no chance. They are actually more likely to host in 2022, if Qatar cannot host. New Zealand meanwhile have never bid for a World Cup, so an attempt by them would surprise.

Kazakhstan: 34.00 (33/1) at Coral Sportsbook

Kazakshtan, despite traditionally being considered as Central Asian, is a member of the UEFA, so they are permitted to bid. However, European nations are unlikely to be chosen either, especially considering its proximity to Russia, and it not being that distant from Qatar either.

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