Bet on yourself at the London Marathon thanks to Betfair!


Posted: April 22, 2016

Updated: April 22, 2016

Are you a punter but also a marathon runner? Thanks to Betfair, you can bet on yourself at the London Marathon! Bet on your finishing time and you can make money for your chosen charity. If not, your punt will still go to charity!

The charitable people at Betfair Sportsbook have relaunched their “Back Yourself” allowing you to bet on yourself at the London Marathon! Runners (who also bet on sports) just need to pick a finishing time. If they finish under that time, the winnings £20 free bet goes to a charity of their choice. If runners don’t make their finishing time, the £20 goes to the Cancer research UK.

Bet on yourself at the London Marathon and everyone’s a winner!

Competitors just need to go to Betfair and enter all their relevant marathon details. Depending on their training, previous marathon attempts, and various other details, Betfair will calculate odds of the runner finishing under their chosen target. As if just finishing wasn’t enough, this will provide runners a much needed boost!

A spokewoman for the Betfair, Naomi Totten, noted that “it provides a way fo rpeopl ewho are reaching for the stars to add an extra incentive to their challenge by guaranteeing them a large donation should they manage to complete their epic adventure.

She representative of the online sportsbook in the UK continued, “At Betfair we’re all about sporting excellence and striving to achieve more than the competition, so this campaign is designed to push our customers to truly unleash their potential.

To learn more about Betfair Sportsbook, read our review.

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