Bet on the Swedish General Election in 2018

bet on the Swedish general election 2018

Gun crime, sexual abuse and right wing populists are probably not the words you first think of when it comes to the land of ABBA. Sweden however is under the thumb and these are the phrases swarming Swedish politics like harassment claims to trump.

All the issues revolve around one hot topic. Immigration. The American president even speaks out. “Sweden. Who would believe this? They took in large numbers. They’re having problems they never thought was possible” regardless of said problems aligning to the typical fiction of Fox news.

Take a chance on me: what you need to know to bet on the Swedish general election 2018

The three main parties (Social Democrats, Moderate Party, Swedish Democrats) in the running are all viable contenders for the victory position.

  • The social democrats are used to the popular vote however this popularity has been steadily declining since 1994
  • When it comes to voting, moderate is an accurate word as the Moderate Party needed the backing of a further three parties to win a 2006 majority, held until 2014
  • Finally you have the party commonly described as racists, xenophobic and ultimately populist. The Swedish Democrats

Knowing me, knowing you

In classic populist form, The Swedish Democrats have left originality out of their agenda by echoing right-wing trends in Europe. They set their sights on recent increased statistics particularly in gun homicide, pointing that age old finger at immigration, the supposed cause of all political maladies. They even extend a loving hand to the desperate clasp of the elderly.

The winner takes it all

All criticism aside, they are gaining mass support. In the opinion polls they are the only party to have been beating their social counterpart on the regular in 2017. Unibet Sportsbook offers generous odds to win at (4.25), a gamble far more worthy than the party itself.

One of us

To further bet on the 2018 Swedish general election my advice would be to look at Party/Coalition to receive more votes between the Social Democrats and the Moderate Party. The most recent poll puts the Moderate Party a mere 3.7% popularity behind the Social Democrats and with stakes at (4.50) it makes for a positively ambitious venture.

When all is said and done

With Election Day coming ever closer, don’t miss the chance to bet on the 2018 Swedish general election and reap the potential profit. The stakes are high for all parties involved but with some foresight and the help of Unibet Sportsbook take ABBA’s tips not mine. Take a chance.

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