Bet365 Mobile App Improved with New Online Betting Features

Bet365 New Online Betting Features

Take advantage of the new online betting features that just have been launched at Bet365 mobile add!

If you have been looking for a mobile betting app whose online betting features allow you to modify your accumulator bets, then you don’t need to keep on browsing through every single online sportsbooks in the UK because the perfect solution has just arrived to you: Check out the Bet365 mobile app which just has been improved with tons of great new online betting features!

Add, swap or remove selections thanks to Bet365’s new online betting features!

Did you place a single bet, but decided you would like to turn it into an accumulator instead? Fear not, my friend! Get your smartphone or tablet, download the Bet365 mobile betting app, log in to your account, and just simply add whichever selection you’d like to add to your bet. It’s easy as one-two-three!

In fact, the new online betting features apply to pre-match bets as well as in-play bets. Thanks to the Edit Bet feature, you can even change your unsettled accumulator bets: did you decide that you would be better off without one of the markets? It was too fast of a decision, a mistake you’d like to correct? Perfect. Again, just use Bet365’s mobile app and do whatever you’d like to do to your accumulator bet.

Swapping one of the selections with another event is possible, but you can just simply remove one of your unsettled bets. In addition, you can of course add a new selection to your existing parlay bet at any given time. Don’t hesitate to check out the new mobile betting app because you can’t find such things at all online sportsbooks!

Some games have already been played, can I still change?

Yes, of course you can! Luckily for us, the new online betting features are quite modern and hence players can use it any time they feel like – of course in case that at least one of the bets is still not settled. Moreover, you can even ask for cashing out even before your bet expires, however, this online betting feature has been available even before the new mobile betting system.

How to edit my bet?

Luckily the Bet365 mobile betting app is quite simple and easy to use, so there shouldn’t be any problem trying to edit your bets. All you need to do is go to ‘My Bets’, where they can see Cash Out. On that tab you will see ‘Edit Bet’ on the top right corner. Just click and it and do whichever modification you’d like to realize. This new online betting system really is all for you and all bettors!

Adding a new selection to your existing parlay bet is not much more difficult either. You have to go to the Edit Bet of course, where you will see + Add Selections. Clicking here will redirect you to the Sports Home Page where you can add whichever betting market you’d like. Go for “Add to Bet”, Save the changes that you have made, Confirm, and enjoy your edited bet!

If you would like to learn more about similar new online betting features and the best mobile betting apps, keep checking our online gambling news in the UK. We intend to report all the important innovations from within the online gambling industry, and the new Bet365 betting system is just one of them!

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