Betfair Looks at Spanish and Italian Markets as Move to iPoker Begins

Launch of a feature rich new product marks the move to the iPoker platform as Betfair eyes Spain and Italy for further expansion.

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Having already declared their intent to move to one of the main online gambling sites in the UK – Playtech’s iPoker network – Betfair has now announced details of the arrangements. The date for the move has been set at January 21st, with an exclusivity clause kicking in from July.

The move will start with the launch of New Betfair Poker on iPoker. Classic Betfair Poker, the company’s currently running product, will meanwhile keep operating on the Onegame network. This is part of the company’s strategy, in order to provide potential and existing customers “a varied, feature rich poker playing experience on the two leading poker networks,” according to their statement.

New Betfair Poker comes complete with enhanced features: more tournament options, more tables to play on, more recreational players to play against – in short, more of everything. Moreover, Betfair is adding the Speed Poker option to the game in order to increase excitement by reducing waiting time between hands.

To top it all off, New Betfair Poker will also witness new and unique promotions, a loyalty scheme for faithful players and juicy sign up bonuses to attract new ones who would like to play online poker in the UK and elsewhere.

“Our intention has always been to offer our customers a rewarding and varied poker experience. Launching New Betfair Poker on Playtech’s platform will help us to continue to achieve this goal. It’s a world-class product, offering unique and innovative features,” declared Sam Hobcraft, Betfair’s Director of Gaming.

Playtech, providing software platforms for online casinos in the UK and across the world, was equally upbeat about the deal. According to Roei Gavish, Head of Playtech’s iPoker, the „network continues to see positive development from both a liquidity and technological standpoint, which not only benefits a large operator like Betfair but also secures Playtech’s leadership in the Poker B2B market.”

The two companies have had an existing cooperation in online casino and other gambling lines, but this move to the 6 million player-strong iPoker network gives Betfair the opportunity to reach further players. Company plans include establishing a stronger presence on the Spanish and Italian markets through new offerings.

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