Beth Shak Poker Pro’s Ex-husband Wants a Taste of Her Shoe Collection

Former husband of an American poker pro claims he’s entitled to a bit more money in their divorce settlement.

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Beth Shak is no stranger to stress, but going all-in at a poker tournament is quite different from facing your ex-husband in a divorce court.

The poker pro is famous the world over having won a string of prestigious poker competitions under American gambling laws and enjoying publicity fame thanks to her dazzling beauty and great personality. She divorced her husband Daniel Shak, a wealthy New York hedge fund financier, three years ago.

However, now Daniel claims that Beth has concealed her world-wide famous designer shoe collection (around 1,200 pairs according to some sources) and he’s now entitled to a few hundreds of thousands of dollars more than was stipulated in the original divorce settlement.

Beth Shak is denying she hidden away the shoes and has told United States gambling news: “I’m shaking my head over this whole thing. He is saying he didn’t know the closet in our master bedroom existed.”

Daniel himself is a renowned tough poker player, remains unconvinced and is rumored to have asked the court for an accounting of his ex-wife’s shoes. He estimates the collection to be worth around $1 million and asks for 35% of that sum.

Beth Shak has previously revealed her collection to include over 700 pairs of Christian Louboutin. She told The Post last year: ”To me, his shoes are like fine art”.

Some sources also claim that she has a tattoo of Christian Louboutin stiletto, showing how much she loves his work.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the “shoe battle” will be, in any case we’re glad it’s not hosted at one of American poker rooms, where other players may get physically hurt by high heels.

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