Betting Odds For Uriah Hall vs Anderson Silva – This Will Mark The End Of An Era


Posted: September 2, 2020

Updated: September 2, 2020

  • Silva said he is retiring after this fight
  • Hall’s chance to get more media attention

Betting odds for Uriah Hall vs Anderson Silva are out just as the UFC announced the fight for October 31. Hall was initially supposed to fight Yoel Romero, but the latter had to pull out due to injury. Regardless, this will be an exciting fight between two elite strikers. Therefore, make sure you do not miss it.

Silva’s Retirement Fight

Anderson Silva is without a doubt the greatest middleweight fighter in the UFC. Some even argue that he is the greatest mixed martial artist in history. The Spider was a former UFC middleweight champion and has defended his title a record of 10 times. He has dominated his division for years. However, the former champion is currently 45 years old and is retiring soon. For his last fight, he will take on Uriah Hall on October 31. In a recent interview, Silva expressed that he would like to retire after this fight by saying “Maybe this is my last fight, that is why I’m training hard every day”. So, what are the betting odds For Uriah Hall vs Anderson Silva? Will the Spider bow out with a win or a loss?

Betting Odds For Uriah Hall vs Anderson Silva
Let’s fight!

Uriah Hall’s Chance To Display His Skills

Uriah Hall is one of the most skilled strikers in the middleweight division. He was a finalist in the ultimate fighter 17th season and displayed unique technical abilities. However, Hall never really got media buzz around him. Therefore, a fight against a legend such as Anderson Silva will be his best chance to get the hype that he always needed. Prime Time holds a record of 16 wins and 9 losses. 12 of those 16 wins came by way of knockout. He is currently on a 2-fight win streak, and a 3rd consecutive win will boost his ranking. Even online sportsbook sites in the US have placed him as a favorite in their betting odds for Uriah Hall vs Anderson Silva. If he does not use this opportunity, he will never get the attention he needs.

Betting Odds For Uriah Hall vs Anderson Silva – The Spider Is Too Old

Although Silva is a legend in the sport, online sportsbook sites in the US placed him as an underdog in his upcoming fight. The former champion has lost six of his last seven fights. Also, he has nothing to gain from this fight as it will be his last one regardless of the result. At 1xBET Sportsbook, his odds of winning are 2.31. On the other hand, Hall is nowhere near retirement. He is still pursuing that golden strap. I believe Hall’s diverse striking ability will be too much for the old Silva, and he will knock him out. At 1xBET Sportsbook, betting odds for Uriah Hall to win against the former champion are 1.62.

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