Online Casino Verification Explained


Posted: September 2, 2020

Updated: September 3, 2020

  • Online casino verification is important for both parties
  • It helps to identify potential frauds and catch underaged players

Casino verification is an essential part of online gambling. Today, we will discuss why it is so important and which technologies will help to improve the registration process. It’s time to have online casino verification explained.

Introduction – Online casino verification explained

Those of you who already used online gambling sites in the US usually wonder – why casinos request personal documents and why it takes so much time to process them? But the truth is that an efficient and reliable verification process is in the best interest of both parties. Most importantly, it helps to increase the level of security and create transparency between players and online casino sites. And making sure that the identification process is as effective as it can possibly be is the main challenge.

Why prevention is important?

Laws on online gambling are getting stricter and stricter each year. Moreover, detecting underaged players, gambling addicts and potential frauds is harder, as it is much easier to hide your identity online. Therefore, the main weapon against illegal activities online is prevention. In case a person from one of these categories gets access to gambling sites, there are two possible outcomes. In the best-case scenario, a casino will receive a huge fine. At the same time, poor verification can cause license revocations.

Online Casino Verification Explained
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Identity checks and casino verification

Most of the times, an identity check requires 5 steps:

  • ID or Passport submission
  • assessment of the documents
  • verification of the certificate (validity)
  • assessment of risks of fraud/ background checks
  • Assessment of personal data

A passport, driver’s license, or any other official document containing personal information, date of birth, and address is usually sufficient for an ID check. Sometimes, online casinos check the validity of the submitted certificate in state databases. Bank statements and confirmation of regular banking activities can also serve as an additional security measure. Besides, casinos often ask the user about the specific personal information (such as details on a passport photo) in order to make sure that a person on a document and the user are the same people.

Since all of the presented information and documents should be checked through a variety of databases (both private and public), finding rating agencies and law enforcement agencies is crucial. Many countries have national identity databases or special government agencies that are responsible for verifying identity documents. Identity cards reported as stolen will be listed under the “threat of fraud”, respectively.

Since only the authorities have access to such databases, it is necessary to use third-party services. Unfortunately, this can often be very expensive and time-consuming.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and online casino verification

Nowadays, there are millions of online casino users, and it’s impossible to check each and every player manually. Moreover, manual checks are very time consuming and there always is a possibility of human error. The good thing is that all of these problems have already been solved and here is where AI steps in.

Today, AI is used in a variety of spheres – from car manufacturing to online dating. Artificial intelligence is able to solve tasks faster and much more accurately. Moreover, some online casino sites in the US are already using AI to indicate suspicious players and those who possibly have gambling problems. How biometric data can simplify online casino verification

Online Casino Verification Explained
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Other great arguments for the implementation of AI are its durability and long-term profit – once implemented, automated systems, AI, and a lack of human interference will make the casino verification process much faster.

Biometric data and verification

Although some people are concerned about giving their personal data to online casinos, biometrics combined with AI can revolutionize the verification process.

For example, asking players to take a selfie with their official ID is the easiest way to identify a person. This allows online casinos to confirm that the user who opens the account is the same person as the identity on the submitted document. Given how many underage gamblers could potentially get their hands on their parents’ data (in some countries, stolen ID data is steadily increasing), this identification technique seems extremely valuable.

How to protect your data

Of course, such a complicated verification process raises a lot of privacy concerns. Moreover, important documents as personal IDs and bank statements can cause harm in the wrong hands. That’s why selecting trustworthy gambling sites and avoiding potential frauds is so important.

There are a few things you can do, though. Before you give any personal data, try to find reviews about the site you have selected. Besides, reading a review will help you to learn more about the site’s history, as well as find out about the welcome package.

If you don’t know where to start, you can take a look at our list of online gambling sites in the US. For example, Ignition Casino is a perfect gambling destination for US players. It has an impressive gaming profile, 24/7 support, and numerous banking options. Furthermore, if you take a look at our review on Ignition Casino, you will find a deposit coupon code.

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