Bill Against Online Gambling Filed in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania state legislator

A rewritten version of a previous draft gets handed in against all online gambling activities.

State Representative Thomas Murt launched an action to ban online gambling in Pennsylvania. In order to achieve the wanted change in US gambling laws, he filed House Bill 1013 on Monday, with seven co-sponsors.

Murt had previously stated in December 2014 that he has the intention of filing a bill reintroducing HB 1404 written by former Representative Paul Clymer. A major concern of the draft is to keep alternative payment services such as Bitcoin from being used for online gambling.

Mount Airy Casino Resort hosts public hearing for online gambling

A public hearing against the anti-online gambling bill, discussing all options to keep the state’s casinos in the game will be held in the Pennsylvania based Mount Airy Casino Resort. The event will take place at 2 p.m., at 313 Woodland Road in Paradise Township.

Owner of the casino said that there is no way to stop a growing business like online casinos in the US, but by banning it the state could lose a fair amount of its income. The way Payne sees it monitoring and controlling internet casinos would be much more rewarding for both players and Pennsylvania.

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