Biloxi Boardwalk Casino Plans to Push Forward with Expansion Aims

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Mississippi casino and resort Biloxi Boardwalk moving ahead with expansion project, as they seek to benefit from possessing a desirable location.

The expansion is destined to be a hit with the local community once the project is complete. Due to its large 37 acre land area on which it can build extensions to the casino, allows for the team of designers to fully utilize the area to their advantage.
Once complete, no other casino in the Mississippi Gulf Coast will be able to compete with the lavish offers and widely appealing casino on display.

The project will cost in the region of $200 million, while the management team responsible for the big task will be headed by Warner Gaming and Hospitality.
Officials regulating US gambling laws are still undecided on the potential of internet gambling in the state of Mississippi, however it remains a closed topic for 2014 at least.

Location plays a big factor

As more and more American states are legalizing mobile casinos, Biloxi is hoping that their new expansion project will entice not just the local market, but also players from nearby states.
Gamblers from Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama are all within the scope of Biloxi’s target markets.

Additionally, the site where construction is set to commence is specifically zoned for gaming developed, and was supported by the City of Biloxi. Many Biloxi residents consider this a prime location in the city.

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