Borderline Gambling in Three Countries at Once

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When a casino is located on a border of three countries at once, it’s bound to bring just problems, but that’s not the case with Shangri-La Casino.

The Shangri-La Casino has opened its doors in January 2010. The gambling establishment operates under controversial Tajik gambling laws, and thus is in a kind of legal limbo. However, the peculiarity of the casino lies in the fact that it’s located on the border of three countries: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The casino offers over 40 slot machines, 15 classic tables including roulette, poker, blackjack, and a VIP-room, where gambling with maximum bets is carried out. When the casino was established the operators were hoping to attract lots of gamers from Sughd province of Tajikistan.

However, since the last gambling law changes in the country, the operation of the casino is under question. Although gambling is totally outlawed including at land-based and online casinos in Tajikistan, some gambling establishments do operate until this day.

As if the uncertainty with the legality of gambling wasn’t enough for Shangri-La, there have been other problems as well. Last April law enforcement officers carried out a drug-related operation in the casino. As a result a Tajik national has been detained in the casino with over 1 kilogram of drugs. Naturally, this is not the best advertisement for a casino, as you might imagine.

Shangri-La and other neighboring gambling establishments are also under scrutiny from the local population. It especially refers to Kistakuz population, which is only across the road from the casino. Kistakuz youth frequents gambling dens and young people usually gamble away all their money. Naturally, parents and wives are protesting against the operation of the casino.

It remains to be seen if Shangri-La Casino will be allowed to continue its operation. It can be closed down in compliance with the gambling laws, in connection with drug activity, and last but not least, based on numerous complaints from the local population.

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