British Punters Set for Olympic Sports Betting

Brits are mesmerized by the ways they can bet on sports thanks to their online sportsbooks.

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London Summer Olympics are set to begin on July 27th. The top online sportsbooks, such as Ladbrokes, BetVictor or Bet365 already are coming up with odds on the games. Although the games, according to the spirit of traditional Olympics, aren’t commercialized in a sense there are no ads on Olympic venues, Olympic sports betting is massive.

The British gambling laws are quite liberal, thus British punters get many ways to bet. What may increase betting is that many is the United Kingdom expect their athletes to do extremely well.

Some even say that Britain may finish fourth in the medal table right after USA, China, and Russia. (Big optimists say Brits may even beat Russians.) One thing is for sure: As a host, Britain will be well represented.

Even it is possible that some Brits will bet on such strange (to them) sports as handball or volleyball. These aren’t even a bit popular on the British Islands. Overall, the ways to bet on Olympics are vast.

The British sports punters bet quite a lot even when there are no Olympics. After all, one of the most popular ways to bet on sports in UK is on football. Premiership and Champions League are attracting punters’ money. And not only from Britain but from Europe and some other exotic locations such as Malaysia.

So let the London Summer Olympics come. And let’s have fun and win on our wagers! After that we got the new season of Champions League.

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