Bulgarian Government Continues Adding Sites to Blacklist

Bulgarian Online Casino Blacklist Grows Further as Government Adds Another 10 Names with 5 More Joining Soon

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The Bulgarian government has continued to block online casinos in Bulgaria, adding an extra 10 names to a blacklist of prohibited sites. The move started back in June, and has continued throughout the year up to this point, despite European Union opposition to the move.

Bulgarian gambling laws offer licenses to operators within the country. These licenses, however, come with a 15% tax attached, so some companies have been attempting to bypass this by working from websites based outside of the Eastern European country. In a move aimed at protecting their tax income, the government started to block these sites earlier this year.

The 10 websites added to the list were: MagicWins, Circus, Palladium Games, Carousel, 36win, win2day, globetlive12, globetgames, Casino Belgium, and Mr Green.

Another 5 websites are due to be added to the list, as the government continues the crack down, with BetSonic, Oddsring, Prime Casino, Bet Cave, and Bet Cris joining the previous 10 on the governmental blacklist.

All of this is despite the extreme growth online and mobile casinos have seen throughout Europe in 2012 and 2013. Mobile, in particular, has seen a massive increase in player numbers and take, and looks set to take a major share of the market in the next year. With the US also due to enter the fray, this is an exciting time for online gambling companies the world over.

Despite the block on foreign based casinos, there are a few local, licensed operators who offer Bulgarian players the chance to play their favorite casino games, as well as partake in sports betting, poker, and other activities. With the country also boasting a large number of land based casinos, gambling is big business in Bulgaria, despite the government blacklist on foreign sites.

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