Bundesliga Betting Preview – Matchday 18 (Part II)

Round 18 of the Bundesliga is looking to offer plenty of exciting games to fans and punters alike

Bundesliga matches

Make sure to check out part II of our betting preview about round 18 of the German Bundesliga.

We’re not done with the German league preview just yet as we have some other matches to consider for this weekend’s encounters. German gambling news reports that Schalke will take on Hannover which should be a relatively easy game considering they will have the chance to utilize playing on their own field.

Stuttgart will host Moenchengladbach and Dortmund will travel to Leverkusen where they will be looking to get some important points and climb out of the relegation zone. and finally Bremen will go head to head with Hertha and judging by their recent results the former team should be able to pull off a win against the visiting side.

Schalke vs Hannover and Stuttgart vs Moenchengladbach

At the beginning of every Bundesliga season, Schalke sets out to conquer the league and win the championship. However, they never manage to achieve that challenging goal and now they can barely cling on to their 5th place on the table. So far, they have accumulated 27 points and are almost 20 points from the perch of Bundesliga.

Moenchengladbach favorites against Stuttgart
Dortmund face a challenge against Leverkusen
Schalke and Hannover will go head to head

For their upcoming encounter against Hannover, Bet365 has decided to give them preferential odds 1.95 (10/11), thanks to their home record which stands at 5 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. The visiting side have been dealt unfavorable chances 4.00 (3/1) considering their away record of 2 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses with total points standing at 24.

Stuttgart used to be pretty good in the Bundesliga several years ago and they even managed to clinch the league title in 2007, whereas now they sit in 15th place on the verge of entering the relegation zone. At home they have been quite unsuccessful in winning games as they only secured 1 win, while the rest of the encounters finished in 2 draw and 5 losses.

Bundesliga Stuttgart  Moenchengladbach

Moenchengladbach on the other hand are in a far better position and are looking to compete in the Champions League next season. They are currently in 4th place with 27 points which they have achieved thanks to some of their impressive players. Although their record away (2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses) is not as good as the one at home, they are still considered favorites by online sportsbooks in Germany. Bet365 has given them odds of 2.38 (11/8), while Stuttgart are outsiders 3.00 (2/1) for this game.

Leverkusen vs Dortmund and Bremen vs Hertha

Leverkusen have achieved some great results in recent times and they now sit in 3rd place with 28 points. If they manage to hold on to this position they will successfully qualify for next season’s Champions League automatically. They have never lost at home, however they have recorded a total of 5 draws which is pretty disappointing considering they boast a promising squad. Luckily Leverkusen have also won on five other occasions while playing at home.

Bundesliga Leverkusen  Dortmund

Dortmund were German champions in 2011 and 2012, however every year they have lost some high profile players, most notable Gotze and Lewandowski in 2013 and 2014 respectively. And now they find themselves in 17th place with only 15 points, which is far cry from where they used to be. For this reason Bet365 has gibe them underdog chances 3.00 (2/1) while Leverkusen enjoy favorite status 2.38 (11/8). A draw has also been set at 3.40 (12/5), an event that may actually happen.

Bremen lie in 16th position with only 17 points from 17 games so far this season. At home they hold an uncertain record (3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses) which is why German mobile betting provides don’t hold them in high regard. Even still, Bet365 has given the odds of 2.38 (11/8) for their upcoming encounter against Hertha.

Bundesliga Bremen Hertha

The visiting side occupy 13th position with only 18 points and maintain an away record that is quite bad (1 win, 2 draws and 5 losses). Due to their disappointing performances while playing on the road, Bet365 has decided to give them unlikely chances of clinching a win 3.00 (2/1). A draw on the other hand stands at 3.40 (12/5), an event that may also happen.


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