Is Buttigieg Surge Worth A Bet On The Democratic Nominee?

  • TV Debate Leaves Biden Adrift With Buttigieg Rising
  • You Can Bet On The Democratic Nominee At Bovada
  • Youthful Candidates Start To Close Gap On Old Hands
Bet On The Democratic Nominee
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The Democrats continue to fight on two fronts. They’re battling against Trump in the ongoing impeachment investigations and secondly against themselves as they still seek a candidate for the 2020 election. What should have been an example of cohesion is still a process of division and a bet on the Democratic nominee got even more complex as Pete Buttigieg surged in the polls and saw his odds drop at the bookies like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US

Someone always comes off worse in televised debates, at least in the US. In the UK they’re so bland they make no difference, but the Americans have been at this far longer and the candidates know how to work the format to their advantage. That’s why Cory Booker knew saying he’d thought Joe Biden “must have been high” when he recently rubbished the legalization of marijuana, would work. No one would bet on the democratic nominee saying that sort of thing.

2020 Presidential Election odds at Bovada

  • Andrew Yang – 28/1
  • Bernie Sanders – 10/1
  • Pete Buttigieg – 8/1
  • Elizabeth Warren – 6/1
  • Joe Biden – 6/1
  • Donald Trump – 13/10

Biden’s stand against drugs, however, need not have been highlighted. Joe was quite capable of ensuring those placing a bet on the Democratic nominee in lieu of that regular bet on sports in the US wouldn’t be choosing him any time soon. The online cyberverse going quite mad at the line; “I come out of the black community.” But worse was to come as he bragged to be supported by the only African American woman in the Senate, only to have Harris point out his daft error.

Biden Blindsides Himself In TV Debate

Kamala Harris is of course the other African American woman in the Senate, something Biden seemed to have forgotten. His debate was described afterwards as a trainwreck, something most pundits had thought would befall the new darling of the party donors, Pete Buttigieg. His rise in the polls has put him among the front runners, perhaps even in front of them, and with little mention of his lack of experience he could still be a good bet on the Democratic nominee.

Bet On The Democratic Nominee
Joe Biden (Image source: Gage Skidmore – Flickr)

Of course as soon as someone does mention it there is a glaring gap between his political resume and that of his rivals. Bernie Sanders particularly demonstrated in his closing speech that there’s no substitute for experience although after his recent health issues it’s difficult to see him being a good bet on the Democratic nominee. Those taking advantage of US gambling laws to wager on their choice at the convention should perhaps then he looking at some of the younger candidates.

Bet On The Democratic Nominee For President At Bovada

Buttigieg is certainly the best of them, in terms of support and poll numbers, but Cory Booker acquitted himself well in the debate, and Tulsi Gabbard nailed her colors to the “outsider” tag she’s proud to wear. Whether this will play out for her is questionable. RT, Russian television, thinks she’s wonderful, which probably means no one in the US will. Still, at least she didn’t appear as bad a bet on the Democratic nominee as Amy Klobuchar who continues to fall flat.

Democratic Candidate 2020 odds at Bovada

  • Cory Booker – 80/1
  • Kamala Harris – 40/1
  • Tulsi Gabbard – 33/1
  • Amy Klobuchar – 33/1
  • Michael Bloomberg – 16/1
  • Andrew Yang – 14/1
  • Hillary Clinton – 14/1
  • Bernie Sanders – 5/1
  • Pete Buttigieg – 4/1
  • Joe Biden – 11/4
  • Elizabeth Warren – 11/4

Right now that bet on the Democratic nominee is a choice between the older familiar faces and one of the new crop of young guns. Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US now, will give you 4/1 on Buttigieg. This is ahead of Sanders at 5/1 and not trailing Biden and Warren, both of whom get around 11/4, by all that much, and if you don’t think the electorate are leaning toward youth at the helm, someone will need to explain to me why Andrew Yang gets 14/1. 

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