Bwin Player Hits Record Mobile Lottery Jackpot

Bwin Mobile Jackpot Prize

It seems like it’s worth joining the best online lotto sites and playing mobile lottery jackpot games there, because they can be pretty rewarding…

Bwin is one of the most popular online gambling destinations in the world. They are mainly known for their sports betting site as Bwin is main sponsor for several football leagues and clubs – such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus. However, and luckily for us, they also run an online casino site which can give away pretty cool rewards. That’s exactly what happened two days ago.

Record prize of mobile lottery jackpot was won!

The lucky player didn’t even expect to win such a huge mobile lottery jackpot prize! The unnamed player, who is reportedly from the United Kingdom, was playing the Loot’EnKhamun slot on his mobile device. And then the rest is history. Like, literally, because nobody ever won such huge mobile jackpot prize in the 20-year-old history of Bwin.

It will be money well-spent

The lucky mobile jackpot prize winner already knows what to buy. He won GBP 3,8 million (~ €4,4 million). The mobile casino player told online betting news in the UK what he plans to spend his fortune on: as he lives in London, he wishes to buy himself a house. Not a bad decision and well, out of the biggest jackpot prize in Bwin’s history, I guess he will be able to afford a decent place to move to.

Bwin workers are also happy about the record jackpot

Adam Lewis, chief marketing officer at Bwin, also talked to the press about the record prize. He said that they are happy for being able to provide such rewarding jackpot slots to their players that huge amounts of money prizes can be won. “It is our mission to launch the biggest and best jackpots at Bwin, and this mobile jackpot prize shows that we are on the right path” – he said.

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