Political Betting In The New World Disorder

Political Betting In The New World Disorder

Next UK PM Odds

• Phillip Hammond – 12/1
• George Osborne – 11/1
• Boris Johnson – 5/1
• Jeremy Corbyn – 9/2

Bet365 is already offering odds on the next UK Prime Minister even as the current resident of No.10 Downing Street meets newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump and, whilst US politics steals the limelight, across the Atlantic the cause of all the world’s woes still looks like a substitute geography teacher with no more future than Mrs May can expect so this is a prime time to do some political betting as the knives are sharpened for the throats of both party leaders in the UK.

The aftermath of that Brexit vote rumbles on like the aftershocks of an earthquake and just this week the Supreme Court in the UK denied a government appeal forcing it to seek a vote in parliament on the triggering of Article 50, the eject button of EU membership. This has left Mrs May in a somewhat defensive mood and apt to do a little political betting of her own, wagering what little credibility she’s retained on being able to get a good deal out of Donald Trump on her state visit to the United States.

Next Labour Leader

• Dan Jarvis – 12/1
• Lisa Nandy – 12/1
• John McDonnell – 12/1
• Keir Starmer – 7/1
• Clive Lewis – 6/1

“Haven’t you ever noticed, sometimes opposites attract?” Trilled the British Prime Minister attempting to make a joke out of the obvious and manifest differences twixt her stances and those of Donald Trump (most notably on torture, Vlad Putin and grabbing women by the pussy) as she arrived in the US, and anyone taking advantage of UK gambling laws to wager on her successor would feel that pay day arriving just a little bit quicker now she’s decided to hitch her star to the fat man in the Oval Office.

UK Political Betting Books Heat Up As Chill Winds Blow

“The days of Britain and America intervening in sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in our image are decisively over.”
British PM Theresa May told a gathering of Republicans adding, “It is in our interests – those of Britain and America together – to stand strong together to defend our values, our interests and the very ideas in which we believe in.” Which is powerful stuff and playing to her audience, but overseas political betting of this sort never plays well with those back home.

Next Conservative Leader

• Ruth Davidson – 20/1
• Sajid Javid – 16/1
• George Osborne – 11/1
• Phillip Hammond – 8/1
• Boris Johnson – 5/1

The only person in the UK gambling news headlines from the US won’t actually harm the PM, who is now destined to be poorly compared to Margaret Thatcher forever, is the one person who might gain from it if they did; Jeremy Corbyn. The leader of the Labour party might have started wearing better clothes, and answering journalists a little more smoothly but putting a three line whip on the Labour party to support a Tory government vote? Wow. Political betting doesn’t get more suicidal than that.

Are The Days Of May & Corbyn Numbered? Bet365 Thinks So

So with Mrs May’s future riding on a trade deal with the United States and a vote over Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn (still being blamed by the tabloids for all the world’s ills because they were told blaming everything from slumps in house prices to the death of Princess Diana on ‘immigrants’ was racist) is a leader just waiting for a crisis to unseat him, and yet in a two party system bookies like Bet365 are still giving him quite a fair go with 9/2 odds to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Political Betting 2017


Obviously if you like to bet on sports in the UK political betting might not be for you, but when you can get 5/1 on Boris Johnson taking over from Mrs May, it just has to be tempting. Bet365  is also offering odds of the internal squabbles of British politics with Phillip Hammond on 8/1 to be the next Tory leader and Clive Lewis at 6/1 to snatch the reins of power from Jeremy across the floor of the house. On the surface it’s business as usual, but perhaps mirroring the US a little, behind the scenes there are dark forces awaiting even the slightest slip from the masters of our new world disorder.

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