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Gambling in Serbia

Currently, as of January 2017 all sorts of gambling opportunities are considered to be legal in the country. They include lotto and bingo games, sports betting, casino games, poker, as well as online gambling. A peculiarity related to the Serbian gambling laws is that unlike the tax of 15% that players pay on betting winnings, there is no tax on gambling winnings from poker or slot machines.

Online Gambling in Serbia

Before the Serbian gambling law from 2011 online gambling in Serbia was a deregulated zone. However, after the passing of this law online gambling became restricted. More than 70 webpages of foreign companies were blocked since the new law demands that all companies wishing to offer gambling services to Serbian players need to be licensed and hold their servers within the country. The blockage of foreign gambling sites was compensated with the creation of domestic sites that operate the online gambling market in the country. However, the offer they provide is still a pretty limited one, as of January 2017.