California Governor Doubts Legal Online Poker Can Fill Coffers

California Governor not sure that online gambling legalization in the country will fill up the state tax coffers

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The United Stated gambling industry is in the state of general upbeat mood following the Department of Justice change of heart towards online gambling. Yet, there are some, who doubt the positive effect of the legalization of online poker sites in United States.

Jerry Brown, California Governor, is highly skeptical about the abilities of tax revenues generated by legal online poker games to refill the empty state tax coffers. He thinks, that changing American gambling laws in order to legalize online gambling might do some good, however it will definitely not solve the state’s budget deficit estimated at $9 billion.

Many proponents of legal online gambling in California estimate that legal online gambling in the state can generate up to $1.4 billion in much needed tax revenues over the next 10 years. Well, folks, that a good start, there’s no need to be grim about it.

Governor Brown, told United States gambling news that he is not yet ready to announce his position on the legalization move. He said: “But I would be skeptical that there’s huge amounts of revenue in that, although there certainly could be some.”

Cautious approach indeed, but let’s hope that with most of industry big-guns joining hands in support of legalization, political figures are next in line to follow.

Currently, various groups are forming around different competing bills, aimed at legalizing online gambling in the state of California. Sponsors of these bills are hopeful they can push the legalization attempts through this year, after being thwarted by various delays in 2011.

All measures propose legalized intrastate online poker, yet with different ideas on organization, regulation and who is to benefit from them.

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