Campaign for Fairer Gambling Criticizes ABB for Misleading Public

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Campaign for Fairer Gambling blames ABB for casting a negative light on betting shops in the UK.

The campaign group condemned ABB for its report on which it showcased that mobile betting firms do not practice business in deprived British areas.
Information in the report was provided by Local Data Company, which strongly contradicted a report issued by the Campaign last month.

Campaign’s report stated in fact that there are twice more sportsbooks in the most impoverished areas, than there are in the affluent ones.
Internet betting in UK
is a big business, and the group believes the report brought forward by the ABB is rather subjective, as it does not encompass all the relevant information.

Furthermore, the Campaign also slammed ABB’s claims about how the proposed tax increase coupled with lowering the maximum betting stakes on fixed odds, could hinder the gaming industry in the country.

The government announced last month that tax rates for fixed odd betting terminals (FOBTs) would rise to 25%. Concerned individuals have expressed their desire to see a decrease on maximum stakes, from GBP 100 to GBP 2.

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling remains confident in its statements

The Campaign’s spokesperson gave assertions on their views what the reality of the industry really is, instead of it being a fabricated image presented by the ABB.

“The bookmakers can produce as many misleading reports as they like by manipulating data, but all people need to do is walk down their high street to know that the proliferation of betting shops is real, it’s happening in our most deprived areas, and it’s driven by fixed odds betting terminals – the crack cocaine of gambling.”

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