Can you Gamble on the new Nokia 3310? Here’s What you Need to Know

gambling on the Nokia 3310

In this article we break down whether you can gamble on the new Nokia 3310, and answer some other questions that you may have about this classic phone.

Pros of new Nokia 3310

  • Extremely long battery life (22 hours of continual use
  • Updated camera
  • New headphone jack
  • Classic snake game built in
  • Great price (€49)

When you think of mobile phones in the 2000’s, there’s a good chance you remember the Nokia 3310. This classic phone was released at the end of 2000, and quickly became one of the best selling mobiles of all time, with over 126 million units sold around the world.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end eventually. The Nokia 3310 began to lose its popularity after newer, “cooler” phones like the Razr came out. By the time the first iPhone was released, the Nokia 3310 had faded into obscurity.

Now however, this classic phone is seeing a revival. A new version of the Nokia 3310 has just been released, and those looking for a more simplistic phone experience are considering going back to it. There are many questions people have, such as can you gamble on the new Nokia 3310? And does it support mobile applications? Here’s what you need to know.

Gambling with the Nokia 3310 will be difficult

While many improvements have been made to the new Nokia 3310 including an updated camera, built-in MP3 player, and live weather feature, little has been done to improve the phone’s internet capabilities.

gambling through a mobile

Most sites including Bet365 require at least a 3G connection for mobile gambling

The Nokia 3310 internet still utilizes 2.5G, and does not allow for Wi-Fi connections. You can use the phone to browse through the web, albeit extremely slowly, but when it comes to mobile casino gambling with the Nokia 3310, you’ll be out of luck. Most online casinos in the UK these days require a smart phone for mobile gambling.

The only possibility to gamble on the new Nokia 3310 would be making sports wagers. Generally speaking this does not require any advanced graphics, and in some cases can be made simply by sending SMS messages. Most sites such as Bet365 require at least 3G connectivity to access their site, however some others will still allow 2.5G connections. Perhaps with the rise in gambling addiction Singapore and other countries around the world are facing, this isn’t such a bad thing.

Forget about GPS navigation

Cons of new Nokia 3310

  • Cannot access mobile gambling sites like Bet365
  • No GPS navigation features
  • Extremely slow internet browser (2.5G connection)
  • No mobile applications

If you can’t even gamble on the new Nokia 3310, forget about being able to use GPS navigation. There is no GPS built into the phone, and with just a 2.5G connection it would be nearly impossible to use.

It’s these kind of things that we’ve become accustomed to in the smartphone era. This phone also does not allow for any kind of mobile applications to be downloaded, meaning you’ll need to pull out the old map if you’re on the road.

So why buy the new Nokia 3310?

This article is certainly not intended to only point out the cons of this phone. Despite its lack of mobile applications, the fact that you can’t use navigation, and it’s difficult to gamble on the new Nokia 3310, there are some notable pros to this 2000’s classic.

new snake game on phone

The new Nokia 3310 has an updated version of the “snake game” built into it

Perhaps the most talked-about is the incredible battery life. The Nokia 3310’s battery life is said to last for over 22 hours of continual use. The iPhone 6 is said to last somewhere between 12-16 hours of continual use, perhaps playing many of the amazing mobile casinos in the UK including Bet365 Mobile Casino.

The new Nokia 3310’s price is another important talking point. It’s been released at just €49, a great deal for those looking to save some money on a phone. By comparison, the latest iPhone 7 is currently selling for £599.

To sum it up, those looking to gamble on the new Nokia 3310 will be out of luck. Nearly all of the major UK mobile gambling sites like Bet365 and BetVictor require at least 3G connectivity. Aside from that, this phone is exactly what you’d expect. The new camera, increased battery life, and even the new snake game make it a great mobile phone to purchase in 2017.

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