Cannes 2018 Betting Preview

Cannes 2018 betting preview

The Cannes International Film Festival is a celebration of the cinematic arts and all things film. But with so many directors in the runnings for the prestigious Plame d’Or, how does one make a successful wager? The Cannes 2018 betting preview is the essential breakdown of the favourites to win, with odds from Vbet Sportsbook.

The First Cannes International Film Festival was not always the seamless showcase in arts it is today. For one, the supposed initial date of 1939 was postponed for an agonising seven years due to the Second World War. When 1946 finally came around, the majority of the eighteen films took their inspirations from the unnatural disaster that had shaken the world. Not the diverse expectation that today’s festival demands. Moreover the event was rife with mishaps such as an original Alfred Hitchcock reel being played in reverse!

(IMDb 7.2) Happy As Lazzaro (5.00)

Of the three films Alice Rohrwacher has made only one hasn’t yet won any awards due to its first screening being a current nomination for the Plame d’Or. In order to make “Happy As Lazzaro” the charming, stylish and wonderfully original film it is, Rohrwacher used Super 16mm film. Super 16mm was developed in 1969, giving the film a beautiful vial of the sentimental. The film used reflects the nature of the movie; “Happy As Lazzaro” presents itself in fairy tale fashion however with the prowess of expert subtly, exists in a modern age thus creating a past in the modern world. Rohrwacher is aptly due the main prize this year according to online Sportsbook news in Italy.

(7.6 IMDb) Everybody Knows (3.00)

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone is in on something that you are not a part of? Well mix that sensation with the ailments of a good kidnapping and you have an insight into another psychological thriller from two time Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi. The film opened Cannes 2018 but can it close the festival by taking the Plame d’Or? Online critics are sceptical, likening it to earlier films by Farhadi.

(6.9 IMDb) Three Faces (3.00)

Hitchcock may have said “the only way to get rid of my fears is too make films about them” but when it comes to another inspiration in the world of cinema, Jafar Panahi makes films to address the realities of his world. Still under house arrest for “propaganda against the Islamic Republic,” the Iranian director has no intention of ceasing to create. “Three Faces” follows three actresses from three different eras of film. Critics believe it to be exposing of Iranian culture and hinting towards Panahi’s angst in regards to his arrest. In addition, he effortlessly maintains feminist principles thought the picture. When he won at Cannes Film Festival in 2010 an empty seat was reserved for Panahi in homage to his inability to leave Iran. Will this year hail him as winner of the Plame d’Or?

​Cannes 2018 betting preview review

It seems it could be anyone’s year however online Sportsbook news in France states that the Italian thirty-five year old is the most likely to win the Plame d’Or with “Happy As Lazzaro” (5.00). Stylish, original and an artistic master class, one might compare the movie to the likes of Amélie. Rohwacher’s third film ticks all the boxes for a Cannes 2018 betting preview, furthermore the Cannes Film Festivals general criteria for a classic hit.

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