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Gambling in Nigeria

Until 1990, gambling in Nigeria was largely unregulated. After the Criminal Code Act was enacted in 1990, gambling laws were established and the Nigerian government defined exactly what constitutes illegal gambling.

Illegal gambling in Nigeria includes roulette, disc games, non-skill based card games, chacha, cowries games, and any games of chance that do are not favorable to the players. These laws include both operators and players, but penalties for illegal gambling operators are far more severe.

The Criminal Code Act also made it illegal to import or own any slot machine games, with the exception of land-based licensed casinos.

Online gambling Nigeria

In Nigeria, online gambling is not yet regulated. The Criminal Code Act does not specifically mention internet gambling in Nigeria, but if a website offers any form of gambling that is illegal under Nigerian law, the website itself would also be illegal.

There are a number of unregulated websites throughout Nigeria that offer gambling services, but it is advisable to avoid these sites. The best option to bet online in Nigeria would be to use a reputable foreign website that accepts Nigerian players. A number of these sites exist, and offer games that are not illegal under Nigerian gambling laws.