Casino Gambling in New York City?

Native American tribes now face their worst enemy since the rise of the railroads: the Internet gambling.

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While the New Yorkers need to travel longer distances to either reach Atlantic City or one of the Native American casinos in upstate New York, the state’s legislators are looking into licensing several non-Indian land-based casinos throughout the state.

As per American gambling laws related to the State of New York, the voters will need to approve such measures.

Many are thinking of an ideal location for one of these new casinos. Coney Island, part of Brooklyn, and easily accessible day and night from Manhattan by subway (underground), seems as an ideal location.

What adds to its appeal isn’t only its proximity to large population centers. It is combining entertainment with gambling. Coney Island has a long beach with a boardwalk, roller-coasters, an aquarium, food shops, and other attractions.

As it looks, it is a perfect location. But, will it happen? That is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, New York state, as we reported previously, is expanding its efforts when it comes to bringing legal American internet casinos to its residents.

In effect, will the New York’s Native American tribes soon need to compete with Coney Island, online casinos, and mobile casinos in United States? It increasingly appears they will.

Instead of putting more efforts into going for establishing their own Internet casinos, some Indian tribes are suing and get sued when it comes to opening more land-based casinos against the wishes of local populations.

Just as the railroads changed Native American lives by bringing in settlers and having buffalo shot, the Internet may now disrupt the well-being and livelihood of many Indian reservations.

Adopt or die!

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