Casino Industry May Have Reached Saturation Point

Major US Casino Executives Have Revealed They Believe the Industry Has Reached Saturation Point in the Country

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Gaming Executives in the USA have come to the conclusion that the casino industry in the country may have reached saturation point. The news comes despite a sudden surge in online gambling thanks to the changes in American gambling laws recently.

With land based casinos reaching saturation point, then, major companies are going to turn their attention to online casinos in the US, and the process has already taken off with the first American online casino due to go live in New Jersey before November 23rd.

As the new regulations in the US pass the baton over to individual states when it comes to licensing, the presence of online casinos has been staggered across the country. First up, as mentioned, will be New Jersey, despite the fact Delaware managed to launch the first internet casino. Their Facebook offering, however, was free to play.

The other state to have legalized online gambling is Nevada, and despite a sudden proliferation of online poker sites in the US state, its casino legislation is proving a bit more tricky. Despite this, major casinos such as Caesars are planning their assault on the online market, and have already been testing the waters with their Facebook casinos.

The news comes after Macau rocketed past Las Vegas as the number one casino tourism spot on the planet. Its positioning in the emerging market of Asia has certainly helped, and it is no surprise that many US casino companies are looking East as they attempt to boost their profits. With recent casinos being built in Singapore, and more due in Far East Russia and Japan, Asia is definitely the up and coming casino region.

Companies are looking closer to home too, with some turning their attention South to Mexico and Latin America, as they aim to create growth in a closer region. Whatever the outcome of those endeavors, the simply fact seems to be that the US has enough casinos.

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