From INTJ to ESPF: Casino Personality Types Explained


Posted: July 21, 2020

Updated: July 19, 2021

  • The 16 personalities test assesses the way you interact with the world
  • We found out the best casino games for each personality type
  • Which one of the 16 personalities are you?
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Most of the people tried some kind of personality tests in their lives – from how your Zodiac sign affects your love life to what kind of Marvel hero are you. But have you ever heard about 16 personality types? Today, we are going to take a look at how your personality type affects your gambling strategies and what is the best game for each and every personality. It’s time to have all of the casino personality types explained. 

Casino Personality Types Explained

The 16 personalities test is based on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – a self-assessing questionnaire, where you have to answer questions in order to determine your major and minor traits. It also helps to identify the way you make decisions and process information. 

All of the personality types are grouped according to certain traits and characteristics. 

Overall, there are 4 groups – Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. 

If you don’t know your personality type, you can find it out here. Now, let’s take a look at each personality one by one. 

Personality types and gambling – how Architects play

The Architect is one of the rarest personality types – it constitutes less than 2% of all people. Architects rely on strategy rather than intuition, they are always open to learning new things and exploring new fields. These traits also apply to how Architects gamble – instead of chasing easy money, they prefer to adopt a long-term approach. 

Based on the traits mentioned above, the best game for this personality type is poker. Moreover, as Architects are also introverts, they can easily bluff and keep calm during the long poker sessions. If you happen to be an Architect, don’t hesitate to participate in tournaments on online poker sites in the US

Analysts can earn a lot with a good strategy – Image source:  Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 via Alpha Stock Images

Casino personality types explained – why Logisticians are at an advantage

Another personality type from the Analysts family – the Logician or the Inventor – is one of the most inventive and curious personality types. They always prefer a consistent approach and all of their decisions are based on solid research. However, there also is the opposite side of the coin – Logicians can’t take risks. They usually prefer to follow the “play it safe” strategy and avoid high rolling.  

If you are a Logician, stick to your strong side and avoid games that are based on pure luck. Logicians are usually good at skill-based games, such as blackjack, poker, and other table games.

Why the Commander will be a great leader

What is common between Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, Margaret Thatcher, and Franklin D. Roosevelt? All of these belong to the Commander type – confident and competitive leaders. People of this type often end up on leading positions, as their charisma and strong will help them to climb up the career ladder. 

The Commanders are also prepared to risk when it comes to gambling. As natural-born leaders, Commanders don’t hesitate to turn the tables on themselves. The only downside to these characteristics is that some Commanders are too self-reliant and fail to evaluate risks. Such games as online blackjack and baccarat would be the best choice for this personality type. 

Why Debaters are the most likely to be high-rollers

The next casino personality type to be explained is the Debater. This personality type possesses out-of-the-box thinking and unlike other Analysts, they rely on intuition and understanding rather than research and logic. Besides, as the Debaters are risk-takers, you will find a lot of them on online gambling sites in the US

The Debaters are also really good at processing information and evaluating their opponents. Generally, people of this personality type are good at different variations of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, and Omaha.

Casino personality types explained
Diplomats can easily succeed online – Image source:  Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 via Alpha Stock Images

The rarest casino personality type – how Advocates play

The first personality type from the Diplomats group is the Advocate. Unlike previous personality types, the Advocates are intuitive and principled. This is also one of the rarest personality types – overall, there are less than 1% of Advocates in the world. 

Following from the name, this personality type often advocates a certain idea and devotes themselves to a certain goal. Therefore, if the Advocate has a hobby, they will give 100% of their time and capabilities to it. When it comes to gambling, the Advocates tend to be good at sports betting and roulette due to their intuitive nature. If you belong to this personality type, don’t hesitate to visit online betting sites in the US.

Head in the clouds – Mediator casino personality type

As a part of the Diplomat group, this personality type is usually driven by their principles and ideals. Their compassionate and understanding nature allows them to create deep connections with the people around them. Mediators are also big fans of fantasy worlds due to their wild imagination. 

Mediators rarely pursue a career in gambling,  but they often use it as an opportunity to relax and spend time with themselves. As Mediators have imaginative thinking, different kinds of fantasy sports would be the best choice for them. You can learn about how to play real-time fantasy sports in this article.

Why Protagonists are great at poker tournaments

Following their values and goals, Protagonists often remind of heroes from books, games, and movies. Protagonists are always willing to help those in need, which makes them great leaders. People of this personality are also good at coaching and leading their team to victory.  

One of the key characteristics of the Protagonists is their generosity. However, the downside is that they can easily spend large amounts of money without regret. Therefore, team-based table games and tournaments will be the best choice for Protagonists. 

Why Campaigners are the most likely to hit the jackpot

Like all the other personalities from the Diplomat group, Campaigners are rather intuitive than logical. Campaigner’s most important decisions are often based on their six sense, and it rarely let them down. Moreover, people of this personality type enjoy socializing with others – you can meet a lot of Campaigners in land-based casinos. 

Campaigners’ intuitiveness also makes them great gamblers. If you happen to be a Campaigner, the best way to unleash your potential are slot games and different kinds of lotteries. However, it is important for them to remember that it’s impossible to stay on a lucky streak forever. 

Casino personality types explained
Sentinels need some time to find their zone

Playing it safe – Logisticians and gambling

The next item in our list of casino personality types is the Logistician. As a part of the Sentinels family, Logisticians are introverted, observant, and thinking. This personality type makes up 13% of the population, making it one of the most wide-spread types in the world. 

Logisticians are well-organized and responsible, and they like to be in control. As a result, you will rarely meet a logistician in a casino or a poker room. 

Although people of this personality type don’t like unnecessarily risks, there are a few games Logisticians will enjoy. If you are a Logistician, try playing baccarat online. This game has a relatively low house edge and great odds. 

Why Defenders will always cover for their teammates

Are you the kind of person who won’t accept anything but perfect? Then, you are probably a Defender. This personality type can work hard and their goal-oriented mindset helps them to stay motivated all the time. If you think of your social circle, there should be at least one Defender – they constitute about 13% of the population. 

As most of the Defenders are pretty conservative, they usually prefer traditional table games. Moreover, their hard-working spirit makes them great learners – they can easily master such games as online poker and blackjack

Natural-born leaders – Executives’ gambling style

The next casino personality type from the Sentinels group is the Executive. Unlike the previous personality types, the Executives are extraverted. However, they also share observant, judging, and thinking personality traits. Moreover, as the Executives are natural-born leaders they often end up on leading positions – a lot of American presidents were Executives. 

As people of this personality type usually succeed in their fields, they can also become professional gamblers. Moreover, the Executives are also able to read emotions and predict when someone or something “strikes”. If you belong to this personality type, live-dealer table games would be the best choice for you

Casino personality types explained
As an explorer, you must always stay calm at the casino table

Why you should always have a Consul in your gambling team

People of this personality type are team-players and you will rarely see them alone. Moreover, as they are really good at making friends, they are usually popular in their social groups. Consuls also love organizing parties and events, and they put a lot of effort into making everything perfect. Besides, if you have a friend who throws Gatsby-style parties all the time, they are probably Consul. 

Although Consuls aren’t the most gambling people, they will be happy to spend a bachelor party in Vegas or conduct an online gaming night. Therefore, online poker tournaments will be the best choice for them. For example, Intertops Poker allows users to play with their friends

Self-reliant gamblers – how Virtuosos play

The Virtuoso is a member of the Explorers – the last group of the casino personality types in our list. This personality type is probably the most individualistic and self-reliant, as their desire to explore the world is their major driving force. Virtuosos often pursue careers in engineering, architecture, and applied arts. 

As those who share this personality type hate routine, gambling is a source of excitement for them. If you are a Virtuoso, you will most probably enjoy online roulette, baccarat, and slots.

Exotic games and spontaneous decisions – how Adventurers play

People of this personality type have been exploring the world and discovering new lands since the birth of humanity. Their liberal mindset allows them to enjoy new experiences. On the other hand, the Adventurers are spontaneous and they have trouble planning ahead. 

As most of the Adventurers are out-of-the-box thinkers, they also love trying new games. If you belong to this personality type, you will probably enjoy playing something you have never played before. As nowadays online casino sites in the US offer a huge number of games, you can try playing some exotic games. For example, pai gow poker in Ignition Casino would be a great choice.

Casino personality types explained
All personalities can succeed in the casino – Just find your way!

Under the spotlight – Entrepreneurs and gambling

You will find a lot of Entrepreneurs among American celebrities – for example, Madonna and Eddie Murphy share this personality type. No wonder why – Entrepreneurs always seek attention and they can easily handle popularity. On the other hand, they are observing and they always spot small changes in people surrounding them

Entrepreneurs are also the most impulsive and spontaneous people. They love gambling for the excitement it provides, and they usually can’t resist spending their free time in an online or land-based casino. If you happen to be an Entrepreneur, you will probably enjoy games with an element of luck, like online slots and roulette

Why you wouldn’t meet an Entertainer in an online casino

The last casino personality type in our list is the Entertainer – extraverted and observant people with great taste. Entertainers enjoy being under the spotlight and they often end up in showbusiness. Such well-known people as Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Adele, and Jamie Oliver belong to this personality type. 

Entertainers will also enjoy visiting a fancy casino resort full of other Entertainers. As they tend to enjoy gambling as a part of social activity, they usually prefer land-based casinos to online gambling sites in the US. However, their fun nature will make them try each and every game before they leave. 

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