Top-5 Best Airport Casinos In The World


Posted: July 21, 2020

Updated: July 21, 2020

  • What airports offer gambling zones for passengers?
  • Here are 5 casinos located in the US and European airports
  • Most casinos provide slot machines for playing without taxes

Do you know that you can win some money right before your flight? Nowadays, some airports have special gambling zones, where you can try your luck in slots, bet on roulette, and play card games. Check the list of the best airport casinos in the world and don’t miss the chance to visit them during your next trip.

Playing gambling games in 2020 is possible not only in popular Vegas casinos or online gambling sites in the UK, but also in the most unusual places. We bet you have never imagined that gambling is possible in such busy places like airports. They are always crowded, noisy, and generally don’t fit the common description of gambling zones. Nevertheless, gambling in airports has its own advantages.

  • Firstly, airport casinos have no taxation. Unlike most land-based casinos, you keep everything you win in the airport, as the gambling games belong to duty-free zones too! It is a great opportunity for gamblers to take as much as they win.
  • Playing casino games at airports also helps to kill time. Most passengers arrive hours ahead of their flight departure or have to change planes. Visiting gambling zones is a perfect alternative to wandering around shops or browsing the Internet;
  • Gambling at airports is also a possibility to earn money for your upcoming trip. Why waste money in souvenir shops if there is a place where you are given a chance to multiply it?
  • In addition, airports make a profit from opening casinos in waiting halls. Although this plus relates to the management, it is still useful for economic reasons.

Check the list of the best airport casinos in the world and don’t forget to read about 5 weirdest casino locations too.

One of the biggest casinos is in Nevada airport

Predictably, one of the best airport casinos in the world is located in Reno-Tahoe. The Nevada International airport meets and walks tourists with a big and entertaining gambling area, which is around 4.100 square feet. The airport casino has a wide variety of slot machines – more than 200 – where you can kill some time waiting for your flight. Most of them are fruit machines – the ones that are similar to online old-school slot games. Unfortunately, slots are the only activity available at this casino as space in the airport is still limited.

Apart from gambling, the Reno-Tahoe casino also offers its visitors to try typical American dishes and drinks at a local restaurant. If you are there, do not miss the chance to visit it.

Best airport casinos in the world: Pittsburgh

Another American city, Pittsburgh, can boast for a good airport casino occupying quite a large area. Its passengers can play different slot machines while waiting for their scheduled flight. The choice of slots for a gambling zone in such a popular place seems reasonable as they require minimum space and no dealers. At the same time, arranging tables with card games or roulettes would be quite problematic. 

However, poker & roulette fans will not be disappointed on their arrival to Pittsburgh. The city has one of the biggest land-based casinos in the US – Rivers Casino. It offers more than 2900 slots, 100 table games, a 30-table poker room, many restaurants, and live events. The casino works 0-24, so gamblers can visit it any time. In general, Pittsburgh is one of the best states to visit for gambling purposes.

Heathrow offers a wide variety of gambling games

The list could not be complete without Heathrow, the biggest London airport. Although the popular UK airport doesn’t have a fully-fledged casino on its territory, gamblers can find slot machines scattered all over the waiting hall, flight zone, and many other areas. If you don’t want to look for machines in the enormous building, try playing slots at online casinos in the UK. Luckily, most of them have mobile and smartwatch versions too, so passengers can kill some time even if they have no laptops.

best airport casinos in the world
London Heathrow – Image source: Adambro / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Schiphol in the Netherlands had a gambling area

One of the best airport casinos in the world undoubtedly belonged to Schiphol in the Netherlands years ago. The main international airport of Amsterdam was the first destination for gamblers who came to the capital to try their luck. As gambling is legal in Holland with many operating casinos and lotteries, there is no wonder that the airport has had a gambling zone too. 

Unfortunately, the authorities closed the Schiphol casino in 2018 and opened Amsterdam West Casino instead. It is one of the biggest casinos in the country and in the capital city. It has plenty of gambling games – from poker to slots – and over 500 gaming choices in total. Greater choice of games can only be found at Bet365 Casino.

Best airport casinos in the world: Elko

Elko Regional Airport in Nevada is another location in the state with a casino nearby. Unlike other airports, this one doesn’t have a gambling zone within but offers a shuttle service to the nearest casino. The Ramada Hotel & Casino is located just 1 km away from the airport, so gamblers who cannot wait for hitting the jackpot can use its services.

Apart from Ramada, Nevada has hundreds of casinos located in the state and in Las Vegas. The most popular picks among gamblers are Cosmopolitan and The Palazzo. Luxurious hotels & casinos have the widest variety of gambling games and high-level service. 

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Read also how to play Dream Catcher at live casino sites if airports in your country do not have casinos yet.

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