5 of the World’s Weirdest Casino Locations


Posted: July 16, 2020

Updated: July 16, 2020

  • Not all casinos are located in 5-star resorts
  • Check the list of the most unique casino locations
  • Would you like to gamble in Antarctica? It is possible to try!

Gambling in land-based casinos is not always about luxurious interiors and 5-star hotels & resorts. Sometimes, gamblers try their luck in places you can never think to use as a casino. What about playing poker with penguins or staying underground for hours? Here are the top-5 world’s weirdest casino locations that can be found in different corners of the world.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about going to a casino? We bet that most gamblers imagine playing poker like James Bond in a fabulous Macau casino or wandering around numerous gambling places in Las Vegas. However, not all casinos will meet you with red carpets and flashing lights as they are located in the most unusual places in the world. What about gambling in a cave or in an abandoned place far from civilization? Check the full list of unique gambling locations and decide whether you would like to visit them or not.

Check the list of the best casinos in Nevada to compare 5 world’s weirdest casino locations with “traditional” ones.

World’s weirdest casino locations: Antarctica

Believe it or not, but one of the most unusual casinos is located in Antarctica. An almost unsettled continent with a harsh climate and the majority of researchers has its own operating land-based casino. It is located in Esperanza Base, Hope Bay, which belongs to the Argentinian research group. Both exterior and interior are very simple: it is a two-floor building with a modest set of games. It includes slot machines and a few gaming tables with card & dice games.

The casino in Antarctica is definitely one of the world’s weirdest casino locations and undoubtedly the coldest one. If you are not ready to go to the coldest place on Earth to check this weird casino, play games at online gambling sites in the UK. What can be better than winning money sitting on a sofa in your own home?

world's weirdest casino locations
Which one is your favorite?

Play gambling games in a taxi cab

One of the most unusual casinos in the world is a taxi casino by Birmingham’s Grosvenor in the UK. Its idea has to be already clear – you play gambling games in a taxi cab. Apart from being one of the craziest gambling places, the Grosvenor taxi casino also holds a record as the smallest casino in the world.

How does it work? Grosvenor taxi cab rides streets of big cities promoting its “big brother”. Everyone can stop it and join the ride simultaneously playing gambling games. The casino has its own dealer, who plays card games and offers free drinks for every client. There is also live coverage of sports events, access to online casinos, and TV. In addition, the ride is completely free, regardless of your destination. You should not even go to Grosvenor casino to enjoy such a unique experience. Obviously, it cannot be compared to an unforgettable Betsafe Casino experience, but is still worth trying. 

Visit a casino in the middle of nowhere

Do you want to isolate yourself close to a casino? Prairie Knights Casino & Resort is a perfect location for introverts and those who want to rest in a quiet atmosphere. It is located in Fort Yates in North Dakota, US, but is surrounded by nothing! This is literally a casino in the middle of nowhere with only one shop close to the resort and nothing else.

Although Prairie Knights is a 3-star hotel & resort, it is very cozy. It has plenty of entertainment activities such as pool, lounge areas, and a big casino, for sure. Its visitors can play slot machines, poker, craps, keno, and several video games. If you are tired of crowded LasVegas casinos, this one is an excellent destination. Or simply play at online casinos in the UK from home and enjoy the same quiet atmosphere.

Do you want to visit an underground casino?

One of the world’s weirdest casino locations is… a cave. The Desert Cave Hotel & Casino in Australia invites gamblers to stay at their underground resort and enjoy gambling games too. It is located in Coober Pedy – a desert city in the north of the country. To hide from the sun, visitors can hide in a cave resort.

world's weirdest casino locations
This is a nice location!

The Desert Cave casino is not the only activity you can experience underground. The resort also has shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars located in caves as well as hotel rooms which are prepared for sleeping. The casino itself is not too big, but has all basic gambling games to play. All in all, the unique location and interior are more important than the variety of games in this case.

A train casino is one of the world’s weirdest casino locations

Gamblers who travel to Las Vegas to play poker & other casino games can enjoy gambling on their way. No, we do not mean using online and mobile casino sites like Betsafe Casino. A new train called X-Train was launched in the US between Los Angeles and Nevada state to connect two popular locations and also give passengers a possibility to entertain themselves during their journey. X-Train has a luxury casino wagon where everyone can play slots, poker, craps, and other table gambling games. Apart from that, passengers can follow sports events live as well as enjoy drinks and delicious food. Isn’t it a trip of your dreams?

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