How To Identify a Good Online Casino At First Glance


Posted: June 10, 2020

Updated: June 10, 2020

  • Top-5 easiest ways to determine a trustworthy casino site
  • Check how easy it is to access a casino and what perks it offers
  • What are the other factors pointing out on a good gambling site?

Finding a reliable Internet casino is not as difficult as it may seem. To identify a good online casino, one does not even have to browse all reviews and user feedback. Make sure that you find a trustworthy gambling site by paying attention to 5 quite obvious signs you will notice at first glance.

How to find out what online casinos can be trusted and what sites look suspicious? If you have asked this question at least once, read the simplest guide on identifying reliable gambling sites in a blink. Spoiler alert: almost all good site attributes will be visible once you enter a casino, so you will quickly understand if it is safe to gamble or not.

Identify a good online casino by its design

What is the very first thing one sees when getting to any online casino site in the UK? Its design. We all know that the first impression is the most lasting. Therefore, it is very important what you see on the main page of a casino site. Obviously, there is no common pattern casinos have to follow to be ranked high and they are free to choose whatever design they want. If you see a blue background instead of a black one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this casino is an odd bird. However, there still are some points that will indicate the level of trustworthiness of the chosen site.

identify a good online casino
Design is key.


Accessibility and structure of the menu really matter in a good online casino. Everything on the website has to be well-organized and easy to navigate. So, you don’t have to get lost while looking for live poker rooms, as a good casino has to give direct links to every game, every gambling room, FAQ, help center, etc. Having a well-structured site shows its owner as a person who piles into his casino and cares about its users. 

For example, if you take a look at Betsafe Casino, you will immediately see where you have to sign up, what kinds of games and payment methods are available, and where to look for customer service. In addition, the casino has an elegant design performed in red, grey, and black shades, which speaks for a good taste. 

Speed of games

Before signing up to a casino and making the first deposit, test some games for free. Good casino sites allow every guest to make 10-15 free spins on slot machines. Do it to understand how good the game quality and speed are. If the game is licensed and a casino is reliable, there will be no trouble with playing any machine. However, you have to be sure that your device and the Internet speed are also good enough to enable playing slots or other games smoothly. 

Pay attention to a variety of games 

When trying to identify a good online casino, pay attention to a choice of games it offers. Big and time-tested casinos usually offer a large selection of gambling games, starting with a classic set (poker, blackjack. roulette) and ending with exotic games like Rummy or Russian Durak. It shows that a casino aims for covering a wide audience, but this isn’t it. Top gaming companies wouldn’t simply deal with suspicious gambling sites not to blow their reputation. So, having many different games from different developers is a great sign.

identify a good online casino
Look out for the games!

If a casino has live games, it gets additional points. Having live-dealer poker or roulette on the list of games speaks for a casino to be modern and updated.

However, every rule has an exception. Sometimes, a particular casino site is devoted mostly to one type of gambling game. E.g. Casino targets slot fans, which is clear from its name. In this case, a casino doesn’t need a huge variety of games to cover a wider audience or serve as proof of its reliability. If you want to play such a type of casino, pay attention to other marks of a good site.

Payment and withdrawal options also matter

To identify a good online casino, check its payment, payout, and withdrawal options. As all gamblers aim for winning money, these 3 principals really matter. A respectful online casino must always have plenty of choices on how to deal with winning money and deposits. At least, casino users should be able to pay with Visa, Mastercard, and several e-payment systems. The most advanced casinos can add crypto to this list.

Withdrawal options are also important as you don’t have to experience difficulties with getting your money. The withdrawal time doesn’t have to exceed 2 weeks, while fees for it should be democratic.

Bonuses availability can help to identify a good online casino

Free spins, various perks, and special offers speak for the trustworthiness of an online casino. Every high-rated gambling site offers a wide range of pleasant gifts for their visitors, starting from welcome deposit bonuses and ending with holiday promotions. Usually, casinos offer 100-500% for a deposit, 10-15 avg. free spins in slots, and various welcome bonuses that vary from site to site. There are also different giveaways that usually take place before the holidays (the biggest ones are on Christmas).

Another way to identify a good online casino is check-up the availability of VIP and high-roller promos. Reputable gambling sites will do everything to reward their most loyal visitors by giving them advanced bonuses. See what kind of first-class benefits you can receive from online casinos and check favorite sites for them.

Reviews are still important

We came full circle though. When looking for trustworthy casinos on the Internet, find a minute to take a look at their rates and users’ feedback. It is not necessary to read them all, but having ones from real-life visitors is important for every casino. To make life easier for gamblers, we have collected the best online casino sites in the UK ranked and having a detailed review for each of them. Here you will find only reliable gambling platforms, so your stay at any online casino from the list will be both satisfying and safe.

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