All Benefits of Being a High Roller: It’s Worth It!


Posted: June 2, 2020

Updated: June 2, 2020

  • Who is considered as a high roller?
  • What are the major benefits of being a high roller?
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Have you ever thought about the benefits of being a high roller? If not, read about all the perks and privileges you can get as a loyal gambler. Large cashbacks, loss rebates, best yachts, and cars are just the tip of the iceberg. What else to expect from being a casino elite member?

The benefits of being a high roller will be obvious as soon as you learn who he is. None of them will let you remain indifferent, so let’s start with the detailed guide on who is a high roller and how to benefit from getting this status.

Who is a high roller?

Before explaining all the benefits of being a high roller, let’s figure out what this term means. There is no official definition for a high roller, but in gambling, he is someone who makes large bets in a casino. On average, this person spends around $100 per bet on table games, and $25 on slot machines. However, the money that separates a high roller and a common gambler may vary from a casino to a casino and from a game to a game. 

Benefits of being a high roller
Huge benefits!

As a result of making large bets, high rollers receive many various benefits from a casino. Obviously, a high roller is not a person who makes a large single bet and claims for bonuses. To become a high roller, a gambler has to be a long-term client to show casinos that he/she is ready to give them lots of money. High rollers’ efforts are usually rewarded after a year of playing games on high stakes. However, most of the US online casinos invite you to the VIP club within several months. So, what do high rollers receive back from online and land-based casinos that they are ready to pay so much?

Benefits of being a high roller

Becoming a high roller in a land-based casino brings gamblers a lot of attractive bonuses, which can be given away in different ways. Depending on a casino policy, there are many types of benefits big high rollers can get. Here are very generalized perks that big high rollers usually receive from land-based casinos. Surely, every casino has its own policy regarding their best clients, but the idea has to be clear. Casinos aim to make high rollers feel special and stay with them for a longer time by offering them:

  • Best hotel rooms in casino resorts
  • Expensive food and drinks
  • 5-star airport transfer
  • Front-row event tickets
  • VIP party invitations
  • Shopping expenses cover
  • Exclusive cars/planes to rent 
  • Flexible casino rules
  • Loss rebates 

The last two points are of special interest among gamblers. Yes, being a high roller can help you to cover your betting loss or negotiate about softening casino rules. For example, a man named Don Johnson once got such flexible rules for himself that almost wrecked a casino by winning $15 million.

You should also take into account that the more you bet, the best benefits of being a high roller you will get. Gamblers who wager $1000 instead of $100 will be given even more perks from the best casinos in Las Vegas, Macao, Hong Kong, and many other places.

What are the benefits of being a high roller online?

Almost all online casinos also try to keep pace with land-based counterparts to attract new gamblers. Obviously, they cannot offer you a white limo or tickets for Lady Gaga’s Vegas residency, but some perks are no less attractive.

One of the biggest online casinos in the US, Intertops Casino, offers free cash for all games, very high payout percentages, and payments for best users. Particularly, poker players can benefit from low rakes as many kinds of this card game are available at the casino. In addition, VIP gamblers can get exclusive tickets for various poker tournaments.

Benefits of being a high roller
Roll high!

High rollers have plenty of other perks that include loyalty points than can be turned into real money at a better rate; first-line access to the newest games and exclusive gambling rooms. There are also various top-tier promotions not available for standard users.

Finally, welcome and first-deposit bonuses for high rollers are much higher than for other gamblers. In fact, every single bonus available at Intertops Casino will be twice beneficial for those who wager a lot.

How to become a high roller?

If you want to become a high roller, follow these easy steps. As we already mentioned, you will have to gamble a lot as well as wager a lot and frequently. One of the most reliable ways to enjoy the benefits of being a high roller is to make $100+ bets for several weeks at least.

Making a big deposit also works; we mean no less than $50.000. However, every casino understands a big deposit in its own way, so probably you will wager less. Or more. It depends. All in all, depositing big sums attracts casino’s attention as they will identify you as a wealthy gambler who can afford to play for high stakes.

If making big deposits or high stakes is not an option, try smaller casinos. Obviously, if you wager $200 at the Venetian Macao, it won’t help at all. At the same time, wagering $200 at a small local casino can make you an A-list star. It also works for online casinos in the US.

The last way to become a high roller is… not to gamble at all. This option fits only land-based casinos, but you can still keep it in mind. As some casinos are resorts, you can sign up for their reward programs while using their activities: pools, bars, hotels, etc. Most resort bonuses apply to casinos as well, so you can visit a casino as a high roller even if it will be your first gambling experience ever!

You can discover more about Intertops Casino here.

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