Popular Gambling Superstitions vs Lucky Charms That Increase Winning Chances


Posted: June 2, 2020

Updated: April 26, 2021

  • Casino players have their own superstitious beliefs
  • What are the most popular and weirdest superstitions?
  • Learn what lucky charms are used by experienced gamblers

Gamblers have their own superstitious beliefs like most other people, from football players to business owners. We have collected the most extraordinary and popular gambling superstitions ever heard about in a real-life. Also, learn about rituals and lucky charms gamblers usually use to increase their winning chances.

Although we live in the 21st century, there are still many people who believe in various omens. They can be met everywhere, from a grocery shop to a casino. Yes, some professional gamblers are also superstitious as most of them rely on luck and read destiny signs while playing casino games. They also use casino games as a source of income, so winning is vital. For these reasons, experienced players often use different lucky charms to bring them a fortune. What are they and do they really help? Let’s see.

When should you leave the table?

According to one of the most popular gambling superstitions, leaving the casino table can seriously affect the outcome of the game. This belief doesn’t apply to virtual tables at online casino sites in the US, but still matters in a real-life. Some gamblers believe that leaving the table first as well as changing it too often can interfere with their fortune. Therefore, they prefer to stay at one table the whole time to help Lady Luck find them easily and not get lost in a large gambling room.

On the other hand, some gamblers think the opposite. They say that the more you gamble at various tables, the more winning chances you have. We are not sure whose suggestion is closer to the truth, but the first one sounds more logical, doesn’t it?

Washing hands really matters

Another interesting and quite reasonable superstition touches upon hands washing. Professional gamblers believe that it can change the gaming process fundamentally. What is so special about washing hands?

The logic is simple: if your day at a casino isn’t good enough, go to the bathroom and wash away the bad luck. Then try wagering again, preferably on the other game. However, if you are winning, don’t even dare to wash your hands or all your luck will disappear.

Sex is among popular gambling superstitions

Believe it or not, sex belongs to the most popular gambling superstitions. This old Chinese belief says that having intimate relationships the night before taking part in a gambling tournament is a bad idea. If you plan to play some Asian themed slots just for fun, it is fine, but don’t aim for big tournaments or making big bets as you will lose.

Say no to sex and yes to lucky streak (Image source: Flickr – hiroo yamagata)

Another gambling taboo in China is playing gambling games against a pregnant woman. Locals believe that fortune will be by her side as it is carried under her heart, so other players have no chance of winning. Also, it is believed that a pregnant woman has two heads to think and four eyes to see – her own and her child’s.

Counting and lending money is the right way to lose

Just remember: never ever lend money in a casino if you come for winning. That’s it. Counting banknotes is also one of the worst superstitions according to gamblers. The one who shows his/her money to the other players is bound to be defeated. One of the most widespread and popular gambling superstitions says that counting money at the table shows your arrogance, which scares Lady Luck. 

Fortunately, most land-based casinos don’t use cash while gambling nowadays. During your stay at a gambling table, you use either special chips or credit cards. If you are still afraid of forgetting about this belief or unhappy to withdraw money, better play online at Bovada Casino. Here you don’t need to have cash at all as there are various ways to put money on your account and receive them as winning.

What lucky charms are used by gamblers?

Besides popular gambling superstitions, gamblers also have certain rituals and lucky charms to help them win. Here are some of the most widespread things players do to make fortune smile on them.

popular gambling superstitions
Try your luck!


The most widespread lucky charm is the rabbit’s leg. Many experienced gamblers have a small replica of this popular amulet as a keychain or on a necklace.

A horseshoe can also serve as a lucky charm. Surely, we don’t mean the real one, but jewelry in the form of a horseshoe or a small souvenir can play its part.

A necklace or a bracelet with a four-leaf clover is a reference to the popular Irish lucky symbol. What to say about gamblers who found a real flower with 4 leaves – they have to hit the jackpot!

Not only lucky symbols can be used as charms. A good idea is to bring along a picture of a beloved family or a small toy from your childhood to serve as an amulet. Also, wear your favorite clothes to enhance your winning chances.


There are also several rituals that are believed to beat all popular gambling superstitions. One of them is blowing on dice before playing craps or Sic Bo aka the only two dice games. The other rituals include knocking on a wooden surface and crossing fingers. However, the last one is still arguable as many professionals consider crossing legs, arms, and fingers as a barrier for luck.

To avoid superstitious beliefs to capture your mind, gamble at online casinos in the US and you don’t need to memorize all rituals and restrictions you have to follow to win some money.

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